Traffic Ticket Amnesty Program Has Ended

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August 10, 2017

Did anybody at DMV, the courts or city hall tell us about the California traffic ticket amnesty program that expired on Monday, April 1? The program which started October 2015, eighteen months ago would have reduced the civil assessments and other fees by up to 50 percent to 80 percent. I can only wonder why no one called, sent a letter or an email to those who would have benefited from the reduction? Last month your Assemblymember, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas was out sick for two weeks, but dont worry with his doctors excuse he received per diem of $183 per day. No, I dont know what his illness was there are so many bad things in the air these days. Also, if you remember the Democratic primary when he ran against Mr. Nice Guy Chris Armenta, Sebastian received well over $500,000 in contributions that he had to go to Hertz, rent a wheel barrow to push the money to the bank. To those of us who read in the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers onThursday, April 6 the Thank you letter from Timothy Sloan the CEO and President of Wells Fargo Bank. Did you see a possible typo in paragraph four wherein he wrote, So far, weve refunded approximately $3.2 million to approximately 130,000 retail and small business accounts? Perhaps he meant $32 million. In any event with such a massive scam you would think some employees would tippy toe to their local F.B.I office and blow the beans.

I bet President Trump will withhold federal money from the bullet train now that California is a safe, haven for undocumented immigrants. Many of you subscribe to Kiplingers Personal Finance magazine and when the postman puts it through the mail slot I drop whatever is going on to read their fascinating articles. Interview in this month Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Strategy for cybersecurity for Sentinel one, are more and more devices get wi-fi capability are they vulnerable to hacking was the question. His reply was amazing. Paraphrasing –A smart device is a tiny internet connected computer with a narrower purpose, for example, an IPhone is not a phone –its a computer that has a phone app on it. If crooks hack your smart TV they may or may not be able to monitor your activity through it. They could attack or surveil other devices on the same network. For more read the June 2017 issue. I can just feel it in my bones that a construction housing boom will soon be upon us. No matter where Theodorsia and I travel in the eastern part of the United States its bridges and interstate while in these parts its redoing businesses, buildings for apartments and condos. There seems to be so many, many projects being looked at by our redevelopment people they just might be asked to work a few Saturdays to somewhat catch up. Presently, Los Angeles County is experiencing a huge shortage of affordable housing and a growing homeless population which needs to be addressed. It was just three years ago on January 2, 2014 that an article was published in the Los Angeles Sentinel about Sergeant First Class Joseph E. Gantt and his wife, Clara of Inglewood. He was a field medic with the 2nd Infantry Division when he was captured on November 30, 1950 after his unit was overwhelmed by the Chinese Army. Before he left the States he told his wife to remarry if anything happened to him. His wife and our government never knew Gantt died in a P.O.W. camp from malnutrition and lack of medical care. His wife, still waiting and still unmarried after over sixty years helped bury her husband in Inglewood Park Cemetery.

There are over 7, 000 soldiers who are still unaccounted for from the Korean War. To each, and everyone we want to say at the appropriate time, Welcome Home. Trumps trade war will make visits costlier; as much as 40 percent of Americas implants and crowns are made in China and Mexico. So, you are a big basketball fan – well who isnt. I hear 49 percent of the NBA Nets are up for sale. Its going to be so expensive you should bring two checks taped together and three pens for all the zeros needed on the check. Boy, am I upset!!! As reported in the American Heart Associations journal stroke I see if we drank just one can of diet soda a day we would be at higher risk for stroke or dementia, but if we return to soda; we open ourselves to diabetes. People just might have to cultivate a taste for vegetable juice but watch the salt content. For seven years researchers analyzed about 2900 people who were over the age of 45 for the stroke study and nearly 1500 people over the age of 60 for the dementia portion. For those who missed an article all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the websites search box.


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