Council to Consider Hal Cherness Tribute

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In Georgia WE do have a new Sam’s Club with a gas station. Just recently the price was $2.11 for a gallon of regular. The Rubensteins do prefer Costco but the closest warehouse is over 60 miles away. In the meantime, we are stuck with $2.11. On August 14 the Culver City City Council will have on the agenda a proposal to name the intersection of Culver Blvd and Overland Avenue the Hal Cherness Square. Please go to the Council meeting to voice your support to this most worthy individual who brought Justice, Compassion and Fairness to his courtroom. Good decent people should be revered to set an example for the generation to come. We always fly Southwest Airlines because they have never misplaced or lost our baggage, their prices seem to be the cheapest, the cabin crew is wonderful and they fly only Boeing aircraft. The best airlines in 2017 are as follows: 1.Best-Qatar Airways 2.Singapore Airline 3.All Nippon Airways 4.Emirates 5.Cathay Pacific The 2018 election isn’t that far away and for some time candidates and potential candidates have been going to a lot of meetings and fund raisers. Election of meetings and fund raisers. Election day, rumor has it, will be an opportunity to change the City Charter so a member of the Council will be able to serve three terms. Some on the Council claim they require four more years to send us down the road of fiscal responsibility, but hold your horse’s buckaroo. The President of the United States, the California Governor, State Treasurer, California Controller, our State Senator all get two terms, but Lum and Abner feel they need more. Now this is my opinion, and this is the truth Lum doesn’t want you to hear; with four extra years, they should be able to move up the ladder in regional government organizations and feather their own nest; the pro power grab group; I believe was shellacked in the last election, but they will be back. Stay informed and stay alert. As many of you know whenever Theodorsia and I travel we pick up local newspapers at stores, hotels, gas stations etc. I was reading, Global Response Needed for South Sudan Famine published in the

Atlanta Voice and penned by our own Congresswoman Karen Bass. She is the ranking member on the House Subcommittee on Africa and is a truly dynamic individual. Check out June 23-29m 2017 issue. The average American in 2016 received 16.8 paid vacation days off. Has anyone told you about the Environmental Defense Fund and their analysis of the eleven years of federal data that found detectable levels of lead in twenty percent of 2164 baby food samples? The toxic metal was most commonly found in fruit juices such as grape and apple; root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots and cookies such as teething biscuits. What could bring into Sacramento wheel barrels full of money? A tax on food could. Our former Culver City City Clerk – Martin Cole told me about a state law prevention this, but in Georgia they do tax, but certain food items. In Georgia some preventing food items are taxed at three percent and some others at seven percent. Don’t get upset when I tell you Theodorsia and I purchased regular gasoline for $1.88 at our favorite station in Tifton, Georgia were U.S. 82 meets Interstate 75. One doesn’t need to be a Jack Tar to shake his head in disbelief over the collision and loss of life that occurred between the U.S.S. Fitzgerald, an American destroyer and a Philippine flagged container ship four times its size off the Japanese coast last June. My theory is based on assumptions, conjecture and suppositions. Many can agree the destroyer and her crew of nearly 300 had every square inch aboard taken with super-secret electronic hush hush equipment. Those Navy radar personnel were so highly trained they could detect and track ants walking across a kitchen floor, as well as carpet floor ten miles away and yet a container ship snuck up on our guys, rammed and nearly sank one of our best ships. Where was the officer of the deck? How come no bells or whistles to alert the crew? Could it be the North Korean, or Chinese or Russian government applied a special coating to the container ship and its cargo impervious to our radar? As I recall Northup used the same principle on the bombers it built for our Air Force. Has anyone heard a peep from our pentagon since this happened? Is our government hoping you will forget and not ask too many questions?


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