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Peter Budevski was a source of constant help to me as we made "the Terminal" together. –Tom Hanks He was a welcome presence on the set, and was never short of ideas. I hope I have a chance to work with Peter again. -Steven Spielberg Our subconscious is like a deep well that bears the defining features of every single fictitious character one can imagine. The steps of the ladder descending into it are the practical means that great actors use to get access to this unknown world. Once you are familiar with this system you will keep surprising yourself with the truth you find in the written texts, and the randomness of your selection for an acting job will turn into a steady sequence of opportunities. -Peter Budevski Peter Budevski has been working for decades around the world. Now he will be partnering up with ITA Productions in Culver City to offer a four-week workshop: Practical Introduction to the Power of the SubconsciousThis workshop (and continuing classes) will lead you to discover any character within yourself and bring authenticity to his or her existence. Often we limit ourselves by a narrow set of self-perceptions. As an actor our very livelihood depends on the ability to continuously expand our capacities and ideas about who we are and thusly the characters we must realisticallyportray. We must harness the ability to stimulate our subconscious through conscious, deliberate means. Peter wants to liberate the ingenuity within an individual's subconscious, as

it's been his experience that it often remains a neglected resource. When in truth it's the genesis from which we gain strength and inspiration. For the most powerful and effective actors the subconscious becomes subservient to the necessity of the moment; to recreate and experience the most authentic and believable characters and emotional challenges without creating a rubber stamp, boring or (unnecessarily) predictable outcome. The subconscious is what allows an individual to express their unique contribution to the world they temporarily inhabit. By activating thesubconscious the richness of who you are contributes to the story unfolding, thereby surprising the actor with a newfound depth and freedom. The beauty of self-surprise is the fountain of youth for any actor. Bryan Cranston was not the first bad guy ever known to television but he remains one of the most revered. Why? He continuously surprised himself. How? By going deeper and deeper into his previously inaccessible memories.This class is an ongoing investigation into the laws that drive human nature which require sharp observation skills and a persistent interest in the science of psychology. By delving into your subconscious you awaken aspects that cause distinction between you and fellow actors. The workshop is focused on relating to a character at any level of approach: from cold reading and audition to scene study and script analysis – each of them explored in separate segments. You are invited to bring in (or email in advance) the material you're interested in: monologue, short dialogue, or an entire scene, and let us deepen your knowledge about yourself. We are offering you a clear path to the holy grail of any acting method: inspiration and spontaneity in front of any camera, on set or during your audition. Join us Productions in Culver City, Thursdays evenings starting August 8. You are welcome to participate in all four or drop in for any single class. Please RSVP at:

Those who sign up for workshop and continue with us into September will be offered a VIP discount for future class package purchases. To further read about Peter visit his website: The ability to achieve an intimate bond with a non-real-life person is not a gift –it's a matter of comprehending and training on the enormous strength of the subconscious. -Peter Budevski


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