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Singer Malavika Considering A National Tour


LA-based Pop/RnB singer Malavika's debut single, "Jackpot" isan upbeat and audacious girl power anthem produced by German pop-producer Moritz Braun, with elements of jazz, funk n soul, modern pop, including indian instruments like the “Bhapang” - a tribute to Malavika's Indian heritage. The song will be included on her upcoming EP, released later this year and she also plans on doing a national tour. Citing Michael Jackson, TLC, and En Vogue as her inspirations, Malavika's soaring vocals and perfectly stacked harmonies are going to make her a talent toreckon with in the near future. Being a graduate from Berklee College of Music has given her the opportunity to interact with students and faculty from across the world, and constantly glean from their music and art. Her goal isto continue to blend cultural elements and R&B groves into contemporary pop production. Itis refreshing to hear real instruments like an electric bass, live acoustic drums and anAlto-sax in a modern pop production and what stands out his her remarkably high vocal range which is rare these days. Combining a bit of pop, R&B, and old school funk, Malavika continues to break boundaries and push the limits of self-expression, bringing a fresh, raw, and honest perspective back to the airwaves. Malavika’s roots stem from Kerala, India and she was born and raisedin Dubai. She has been singing writing and performing since her early teenage years, determined to carve out her own path in the entertainment industry. Malavika isonthe cusp of something special and “Jackpot”is a huge step in the right direction. We can't wait to hear what she has lined up next. If this is just her first single wecan rest easy knowing that there will be more great music on the way


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