Culver Beats Alumni in Annual Game

Ever since former Culver City High football head coach and current athletic director Tom Salter took over the football program in 1999 the varsity players have periodically staged a varsity verses alumni "7 on 7" game around the July 4th holiday.

Because several of the alums playing college ball would come home at that time of year.

It is a great tradition and a way of honoring the alums and having a super competitive game verses the varsity squad.

Since many of the alums that come back are Division 1 receivers and defensive backs, the game has generally been close but the alums have usually dominated over the years. The atmosphere is fun and festive with lots of hooting, hollering and camaraderie.

This year approximately 20 to 25 alums came back to the school to participate. Darius Banks, the all time leading passer in CCHS history was scheduled to play, but was called away on an emergency just before the game was to start, but the second all time leading passer in Culver City history, Marquel Carter (Columbia) came through and showed off his powerful arm.

Carter completed numerous passes but one of the disadvantages of playing with a lot of alumni is the fact that they do not have time to practice like a team the way the varsity does. This is usually offset by the quality and speed of the alumni athletes, many of whom are still lifting weights and are fast and still in very good condition.

The varsity jumped out early moving the ball down the field and scoring on a touchdown pass from Jonathan Martin to Charles Ross. It was a nip and tuck game throughout the 40 minutes of play. Martin threw three touchdown passes as did Marquel Carter.

The difference in the game was on a play early in the game when Carter threw a rocket to the end zone that was intercepted by Wisconsin-bound senior Alex Smith.

With about 50 seconds left in the game and the varsity on the 10-yard line on fourth down the varsity Centaurs could have iced the game with a touchdown pass but were thwarted by the alumni defense.

Since there was so little time left the alumni team did not have enough time to run off enough plays to score. In fact, on the final play of the game, Carter threw a deep ball down the middle that was intercepted by middle linebacker Jordan Armstrong. The varsity players erupted in jubilant celebration.

Playing for the alumni were CB Mekhi Ware, and 6'8' receiver Devon Osborn class of '17, linebacker Jacob Weiner (West LA baseball) '16, RB Donovan Davis '15, WR Jason Grossman (Akron) '15, wide receiver Julius Wilson '13, slot Kevin Porche (Cal Poly) '12, WR Michael Horchin (SMC) '12, DB Robert Moore (Miles College) '12, Michael Candler (West LA) '12.

Kayon Warren (West LA) '12, safety Ky Dorsey (Laverne) '11, WR/DB Duncan Ashley (West LA/Missouri) '11, WR Noah Ashley (Missouri State) '10, MLB Victor Burnett (Washington/So. Ill) '10, DB Lowell Rose (UCLA/Tulsa) '08, WR Cayden Feifer (Syracuse) '08, WR Joel Clements (LA Valley) '07, WR Michael Hooper (San Jose State) '03, QB Alex Cueva (West LA) '03 while DB Dobie Reid (El Camino) '97 was there to observe.

At the conclusion of the game Coach Wright called the alums and varsity players together, thanked the alums for participating and introduced them individually to the members of the varsity squad.

He then asked the alumni to speak to the varsity players about what they have learned from their lives since high school, share life lessons and helpful hints that the varsity players can use to reach their goals and dreams in life. It was a fitting end to a wonderful afternoon.


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