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"Future Filmakers" Do Interesting Work


By Devyn Hackett

Correspondent for KSM Kid Scoop Media

I attended the Future Filmmakers Program at the LA Film Festival on June 17 as a first time reporter for Kid Scoop Media. The films showcased were made by high school students, or “future filmmakers” as they were called.

The films started off with a beautifully animated opening. The films were selected from across the country with a variety of genres. They ranged from humorous, such as the short films Squeal and Daisy Head Maisy, to documentaries such as Confessions of a Teenage Drag Queen.

One of the films that really stood out for me was Facade. My personal take on it was that it symbolized problems in the world today through simple visuals. It really conveyed a strong message for a film with no dialogue.

Another film standout film was Confessions of a Teenage Drag Queen. For its short running time it showed a lot emotionally. It was very witty and showed the ups and down of being an LGBTQ+ youth.

After the films ended there was a short Q&A with the filmmakers who all gave their own take on the filmmaking process. A couple of them mentioned how hard it is for them to be taken seriously because they’re so young.

We then walked through the set of Gone with the Wind and onto the Culver Studios lot for lunch and a presentation. We arrived at the dining hall where we had an interview with the director of “Confessions of a Teenage Drag Queen”,

Erika Kroll I asked her what young people could take away from the story, this is what she had to say, “ We’re all made up of our own parts, at our core is who we really are.”

There was also presentation by Daniel Kwan, the director of “Swiss Army Man”, about the prevalence of memes and their significance in life. We got a chance to interview with him. I asked him what it was like to be a Person of Color in the entertainment and he told us how it was really the first thing people noticed about him but he chose to ignore it.

He wants the focus to be on his art. We also asked him what his favorite meme was. He responded, “I really like the screaming goat.” In conclusion, it was an interesting and fun day.

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