Culver City High Athletics 2016-17

Scholastic Awards


Scholarship recipients (L-R) Eli Saucedo, Athletic Director Tom Salter, Elijah Zavala, Mekhi Ware, Dezyier Jones, Principal Dr. Lisa Cooper, Amanda Jaramillo, Max Sterner, John Lewis, Christian Trice and Assistant Principal Dubois McMillian

By Fred Altieri

Sports Reporter

Graduating student athletes were honored last week at the 2016-17 Culver City High Senior Athlete of the Year Banquet.

More than 50 seniors received the prestigious Dave Sanchez Award for excellence in the classroom. In addition, eight senior student athletes were also recognized for receiving scholarships to colleges and universities.

"To receive the Dave Sanchez Award each athlete had a 3.5 GPA or higher for all four years attending Culver City High School. It's pretty amazing," proclaimed Culver High athletic director Tom Salter.

"What athletics teaches the students is time-management, they have to stay academically eligible to play. A lot of them realize to get into college, playing sports helps them on their application. The great thing is that all those fifty-plus students play all different sports."

Dave Sanchez Award Recipients 2016-2017:

Daniel Aceves – Baseball; Harper Barth – Lacrosse; Sullivan Barth - Cross Country; Jack Bishop - Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball; Laura Bourne - Tennis; Camille Bradford - Cheer; Marina Carbo - Lacrosse; Raimundo Castro Gonzalez – Soccer; Kayla Chabola – Lacrosse.

Faheem Chunara - Cross Country, Track; Amelie Delcourt - Soccer; Max Flynn - Cross Country; Beck Garcia - Volleyball; Karen Garcia Corado - Soccer; Sho Gibbs - Soccer; Phoebe Glick - Cheer; Kathleen Goodwin - Water Polo, Swim; Zachary Greenberg - Water Polo, Swim.

Jonathan Gutwirth - Golf; Donovan Haase - Cross Country, Baseball; Kathy Hermosillo - Cross Country, Track; Krista Hernandez - Volleyball; Dante Herrera - Soccer; Tyler Higgins - Lacrosse; Emily Johns - Tennis, Soccer; Margaret Johnson - Water Polo.

Hye Riy Ju - Water Polo; Saki Kimura - Tennis; Danyal Manjra - Soccer; Alexander Marotti - Tennis; Danielle Martinez - Soccer; Marina McNairy - Soccer; Sarah Miller - Volleyball; Kate Newman - Soccer, Golf; Pablo Nocera - Soccer; Kyle Nomura - Basketball, Volleyball; Matthew Paspalis – Baseball.

Melissa Ramirez - Soccer; Malaya Rice - Track; Skyland Rice - Lacrosse; Harley Robinson - Track; Froylan Rodriguez - Soccer, Tennis; Mariko Rooks - Water Polo, Softball; Matthew Salazar - Water Polo, Swim; Elliot Shin - Tennis; Emily Shin – Lacrosse.

Maxwell Sterner - Baseball; Matthew Takara - Cross Country; Yuri Tateda - Lacrosse; Theodore Tran - Lacrosse; Roberto Valverde - Soccer; Ellen Yohannes - Water Polo; Marina Yokoyama - Lacrosse; Windy Yoon - Basketball; Jason Zeidman - Baseball.

Student Athlete Scholarship recipients:

G Laase

Jason Zeidman

Eli Saucedo – Cal State University Dominguez Hills – Baseball; Elijah Zavala - Notre Dame de Namur University – Lacrosse; Mekhi Ware - Indiana State University – Football; Max Sterner - Occidental College – Baseball.

John Lewis - Notre Dame de Namur University – Lacrosse; Christian Trice - Notre Dame de Namur University – Lacrosse; Dezyier Jones - Lewis & Clark College – Soccer; Amanda Jaramillo - University of Texas San Antonio – Soccer.

Coach Salter: "We just have really good student athletes, good coaches and we have an excellent tutoring program where the student athletes tutor our other athletes. They all like giving back, doing community work and we're just blessed to have quality student athletes and coaches at Culver City High School."


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