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Arizona Has Law Enforcement Jobs Available

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Perhaps you just know a member of the family or a friend who would like to be in law enforcement. Well, tell that lucky person to gas up his/her car and drive to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Florence, Arizona where there are 65 vacant positions. If you or your friends or your family could not come up with the money to get a second opinion on the DNA then expect to spend a long, long, long time locked up. For example, a man is suing two months in a sexual assault case because of a DNA mistake. Prosecutors dismissed charges after a later test found his DNA wasn’t linked to the crime. To better protect children authorities in Brunswick, Georgia inspect car seats.What a novel idea!!! For more details about their program and possibly starting one in Culver City call (912) 279-3350. Parents should be aware that between 1996 and 2012 about 1600 children have been treated for near strangulations in American emergency rooms per the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. It now appears almost certain the Navy has enough support to keep funding for the design and production of a new class of ballistic missile submarines to keep the $97 billion project on schedule. A former Wells Fargo Bank teller is facing a federal charge of conspiracy. The teller used a customer’s stolen information to withdraw thousands from the customer’s bank account. Can anyone tell me why anybody with an I.Q over 20 would deal with Wells Fargo? The Top Five Air Force Contractors 1.Lockheed – Martin 2.Boeing 3.Northrop – Grumman 4.Raytheon 5.L-3 Communicators The Top Five Army Contractors 1.Lockheed – Martin 2.Raytheon

3.General Dynamics 4.United Technologies 5.Northrop – Grumman Top Five Navy Contractors 1.Lockheed – Martin 2.General Dynamics 3.Boeing 4.Raytheon 5.United Technologies When Theodorsia and I are traveling around our great country and we get hungry we look for Cracker Barrel – the Old Country Store. I betcha they have well over 650 restaurant stores with good prices,good food, good service and interesting gifts for everyone on your list. The General manager of one such location is Leon Taylor from the Waycross, Georgia establishment which has been open less than nine months and is so successful the parking lot is just packed. One of his employees is Anne Wilson a real dynamo who seems to be all over the dining room taking care of customer service. These two make it happen along with others. Arkansas is proposing a grant program for students in high demand fields that would provide two years of tuition and fees in a community or technical colleges in exchange for a commitment to work full time for three years after graduating. Don’t tell those retirees who used to work at city hall and now get well north of $150,000 per year in pension, perhaps to look for a second job. The Dallas Police and Fire Pension system board voted to suspend withdrawals and payments from deferred retirement funds. You know it will not be long before its reinstituted, but its sign things need to be changed. The vote stopped more than $154 million in requested withdrawals from being distributed. Could it be they have a cash flow crisis and needed to conserve money? So where is the High Speed Rail and the Keystone Pipe Line? Can it be true? I have heard and perhaps you as well the recently passed parcel tax that is supposed to fill up the secret safe located near the very hush, hush escape exit leading to the second floor. As understand it and you can ask Mayor, Jeff Cooper the parcel tax will bring in roughly two million dollars every year and will be used to repay the loan we expect to get from Wall Street to clean up the water in the La Ballona Creek. As you recall our city is in the red over $300 million and now they are discussing getting possibly another $400 million – more or less. I believe, this is why some on the Council (Jim Clarke and Jeff Cooper) want to extend term limits? The Columbus Mississippi City Council has hired its first dedicated public defender for their Municipal Court and he will be paid $25,751 per year. Just think our city attorney receives around $350,000 in wages and benefits. It just goes to show Washington does hear. It just might take years, but eventually they get the message. The reverse mortgage companies have been messing around with seniors for years and now they will be forced to give clear disclosures. Did you read the Legal Aid Society filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department on December 6, 2016; an effort to force the agency to disclose information, about how officers are disciplined for wrong doing on the job. Prior to 2011 NYPD made these findings available to journalists. New York City

is appealing last year’s decision by a State Supreme Court judge that misconduct findings should be released. For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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