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A New Association Supports Short Term Rentals


The Culver City Short Term Rental Owners Association (CCSTROA) has been formed in response to the city council “putting together a Council subcommittee to examine short-term rentals”.“We want to educate the public and the Council subcommittee of the benefits that short-term rentals bring to the community and businesses of Culver City”, states Robert Zirgulis, president of Short Term Rental Owners Association of Culver City (STROACC).Short -term rentals are a valuable asset in a community’s tourism portfolio, providing diversity in accommodations and ultimately creating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue according to TXP inc, an economic analysis and public policy consulting firm” said Zurgulis“For example, short term tenants are generally vacationers from out of town. They’re looking for a place their family can relax and enjoy themselves with more amenities and more interesting experiences of their vacation destination than is offered at a hotel. Think about it, the vacationer is 5 times more likely to go out to eat at a local restaurant on a daily basis during their stay than a long time local resident that might only go out to eat once a week,” says Zirgulis.“Short –term rentals also allow owners to keep their homes amid rising prices by providing them with a small but significant supplementary income. I myself have a $2800 monthly mortgage which I could not possibly pay on my social security income and substitute teacher salary without short-term rental income I get from renting two rooms in my 3 bedroom house,” states Zirgulis.There are 552 listing sites with Home to Go and 306 listing cites with AirBNB in Culver City with rent ranging from $99 to $350 a week.

“We intend to have these short-term rental owners educate the public and contact city officials and the subcommittee on the benefits of short-term rentals to Culver City. We will also be asking for the support from local restaurant owners and other businesses that gain economic benefits from short-term renters,” states Zirgulis.


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