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Twelve Year Terms For Council Members?

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Although some just might think the election ended in November (and for many it did), for others the preparation for the next Culver City council race just began. We know the reason the conservative Republican group seems to elect their number is because they start early building a resume of achievements and organizations. Unfortunately, the progressive Democrats seem to wait until the last minute and no doubt they will feel their huge plurality makes the election a snap for Demos. Let’s get started. Poor, poor ex-mayor Jim Clarke, who bet the farm on CN passing. It’s a good thing the voters saw though the city manager’s power grab and sent it packing to parts unknown. The real challenge will begin when Jeff Cooper this spring assumes the mayor’s seat. Many can review the record, but can it be true Jeff Cooper has always voted for a tax increase? Perhaps Jeff felt the city needs more and more of our money to plug the massive holes in the employee pension system, or could it be Cooper saw the report that our city of 41,000 or so is in the red by over $350 million bucks? Cousin Neil was so surprised his ears nearly fell off when he read the report from Sacramento. Does anybody else remember the city council members besides Paul Jacobs from the 1970-80s? As I recall, our good friend Paul served 12 years, Paul Netzel 8, Dick Brundo 8, Richard “Alex” Alexander 20, Steve Gourly 8, and Gary Silbiger 8. Finally, Jim, thank you very much for putting in the local newspapers a letter for the power grab and signed by all those former mayors. Can we assume those who didn’t sign just held their nose and walked away? This brought to

mind the Grand View Trailer Park and the Hayden tract fiascoes that happened while Councilmember Corlin and others were in office. Mr. Jim, instead of crying about your resounding defeat by the voters as it pertains to the city manager power grab, I would suggest our city follow Las Vegas’ lead. Parking tickets in Las Vegas have cost drivers dolls, not dollars, last holiday season. The Vegas city council approved a “Toys for Tickets” program to benefit a local violence shelter. My friends, I just heard a rumor from usually reliable sources. The council wants to extend the term of office to three terms making it 12 years, because, as they claim, two terms doesn’t give them enough time to finish their agenda. Now, folks, if eight years is enough for the president, the governor and all California state office holders, our state senator, the Board of Supervisors, then, it darn sure should be enough for Mayor Cooper and Clarke. Lots more to follow. Will they make their move in 2018 and ask us to vote on another goofy idea? Hold on to your wallet, folks. The wing nuts are moving slowly on their plan to tax Netflix and other similar companies at 11 percent, so say the speculators. Have you read your copy of the scientific journal called Circulation yet? I was surprised to read about a large global study of more than 12,000 first time heart attack patients that found a strong link between the attack and what the patients were doing and feeling in the hour prior to the event. It was found by the researchers that being angry or upset more than doubled the risk of suffering heart attack. Performing heavy physical activity in a highly emotional state more than tripled the risk. Other factors included obesity, high blood pressure and diet. I just finished reading about the former De Kalb County school superintendent, Michael Thurmond. It seems the district had a $14 million deficit when he took over as superintendent and then turned it into a surplus before he left office. Perhaps the L.A. County school districts could all put some money in the pot and fly Mike here. Mike, who was just recently elected De Kalb County CEO, wants to have a more efficient and effective government that builds and restores trust. is a site that allows people to compare insurance companies and also rates drivers and accidents in five categories. The worst drivers are from Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Dakota, Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, Alabama, Arizona and Montana. In Brunswick, Georgia the fire department installed free smoke detector alarms in 462 homes. Alarms were provided free by the American Red Cross. One can only wonder what Culver City would have charged. For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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