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In Georgia’s De Kalb County Hillary Clinton received more than 78 percent of the votes cast for president in 2016. I hope Councilmember Jim Clarke’s ears are on, because for all you Coastguardsmen you have two reunions coming up, the first being April 25 through April 28 in Cape May, New Jersey. Everyone is welcome,especially, those who served on the Bibb. Contact Lloyd Hensley at (865) 384-6254. There is also al Coast Guard Reunion in Minneapolis on June 10. Call Chris at (952) 935-9065. If you don’t get “Vital Signs” each quarter from UCLA Health you darn sure should. Some of the articles in the Winter 2017 issue that I just finished reading involved UCLA performing 1,000 lung transplants; gestational diabetes; hip replacement; non-surgical aortic value replacement; back pain; and prostate cancer. Call (800) 825-2631 for a free subscription. Have you been to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art at 1130 State St., Santa Barbara? From January 29th through May 14th they are showcasing one of the most highly acclaimed picture book artists, David Wiesner. Shown will be 80 original watercolors. Call (805) 963-4364 or go to sbma.net. Just think, if Measure CN would have passed the city manager who now gets over $300,000 per year in wages and benefits would probably get an additional $10,000 for being over the police department and still another $10,000 for being over our fire department. Can you believe American salvagers have recently found a shipwreck that went down in 1565 off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida? France recently filed a legal claim to the shipwreck in the Orlando federal court

saying under the U.S. Sunken Military Craft Act, a ship that sailed for France still belong to France. That’s so even if more than four centuries have passed. I’ll let the court decide. September 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of Atlanta’s most famous private university. Emory was founded originally in Oxford, Georgia. It’s about time. From the Darien News, November 24, 2016, the option of having a municipal ordinance for some violations allows law enforcement officers to be able to take control of a situation without ruining someone’s criminal history. City Manager Davis said they will still be arrested, but the officer will take the offender to municipal court and the charge will not go on the individual’s record. Maybe Mayor Cooper can get the ball rolling on this important issue before he leaves office? Incomes are out pricing rent in Detroit, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Cleveland, Kansas City, MO, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, El Paso, San Francisco and Atlanta. What does Hawaii know that we don’t? Hawaii county officials are trying to move ahead with plans for a proposed wastewater project. The $100 million upgrade would allow treated water to irrigate crops on Kona. We just might be able to save a lot of money if we make a carbon copy here. A new study shows Illinois law enforcement confiscated more than $319 million in cash and property from individuals over the past 10 years under a system that doesn’t require convictions to validate the forfeitures. I hope our State Senator Holly Mitchell will try to get legislation to end this practice in California. Going to Kentucky? Why not stop and see a new exhibit at the Capital City Museum in Frankfort displaying rare fishing reels. One that draws crowds is an 1860 reel costing originally $13.00 or about a month’s pay for a Union soldier! By the way, also coming this spring is the California Form 700 where all elected and appointed officials and senior management must file their list of stocks.

If Theodorsia and I had a mortgage with Wells Fargo we would get a loan with a credit union and pay off those stinkers at Wells. Personally, I cannot see why Sacramento doesn’t start double checking the bank’s figures. The rumor mill has been going crazy about the city council plan to ask us to vote on changing the charter to extend their term limits by four years. The Cooper-Clarke group just might suggest eight years isn’t enough for what’s necessary to correct all our problems, but the president gets a maximum of eight years, as does our governor, state senator and other elected officials. We need to clean up the wing nuts in city hall by electing good people and dumping the Cuban cigar smokers with their gold tooth picks and Rolex watches. For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at http://www.culvercityobserver.com by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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