Dodger Fans Make Scully's Replacement Welcome

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April 20, 2017

Dodger fans who attended the season opener last week should be proud of themselves. When new announcer Joe Davis was introduced prior to the game against the San Diego Padres he received a warm welcome. Davis, who was hired as the ever popular Scully retired after 67 years, said he thought he might be booed. “It was on my mind,” he admitted.

Instead there were cheers for the Dodgers’ new TV announcer. Not just a little out of courtesy but a lot from the sellout crowd. The 29-year-old Davis was hired last season and worked road games but until last week he hadn’t broadcast a game at Dodger Stadium. “Getting in 50 games last season was important,” said Davis. “I can’t be Vin Scully but the fans got to tolerate me some.”But he did talk to Scully a few weeks ago and was given the advice to just be himself. In addition he soaked up some of Scully’s expertise. When Joc Pederson hit a grand slam home run early in the opening game Davis didn’t say anything, letting the crowd’s reaction tell the story as Scully usually did. Yes, it’s a new era in Dodger history.

Davis grew up in Michigan and graduated from Beloit College (Wisconsin) in 2010. He has broadcast a variety of sports including NFL games, college football and volleyball. Davis now works with former Dodger pitching star Orel Hershiser, the Cy Young Award winner. “Orel has gone out of his way for me and I’ll be eternally grateful.’ Said Davis. Scully worked all nine innings alone but most teams employ two announcers during a game and now the Dodgers have joined that group. In addition, Davis won’t broadcast the first three innings on radio as Scully did. Rick Monday and Charlie Steiner will remain the Dodgers’ radio voices. Davis is married. He and his wife Libby have an infant daughter.

“Vin Scully was, is and always will be the Dodgers,” said Davis. But what was Scully doing on the afternoon the Dodgers began their season last week? “Paying some bills and washing my car,” he said. “I went to a game a long time ago and realized I didn’t enjoy being a fan. It was the broadcasting I loved.”The rest of us were remembering his great work and enjoying the new guy.


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