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March 30, 2017

We were armed with 2 kid reporters and 2 kid photographersJeremiah Davis 12 Shawn Fairbairn 8 ( Photographer)Ian Warfield 11 Charles Duckman 8 (Photographer)" The revolution is coming to Culver City" exclaimed City Council Member Meghan Sahli-Wells as she introduced CicLAvia, an event that dedicates a day toopen up busy streets to bicyclists and pedestrians. Sahli-Wells primarily walks and bicycles for public transportation, so she believes itis imperative for " turning over streets to our people," and making Culver City safer for both bicyclists and pedestrians. With CicLAvia making such an environment possible she was excited to introduce them to Culver City and, hopefully, bring to light the importance of sustainable transportation. Luckily, Kid Scoop Media was able to partake in this revolution and cover the event to its entirety. Their first interviewee was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who believed that " this is one of the most exciting days in Southern California." As a child Mayor Garcetti would often ride his bicycle around his neighborhood, sohe was thrilled to do so again with the Culver City community. When the kidscoopers asked him why CicLAvia is important, Garcetti noted that events like Ciclavia allow people to" discover other ways of going around" and to reclaim their roles in protecting the environment. As a Prius owner, Mayor Garcetti certainly practices what he preaches and hopes that his fellow Angelenos can also learn to live a sustainable life. With a nice warm hug and smile Mayor Garcetti left the Kid Scoopers in order to greet his many fans and welcome the Culver City Community to CicLAvia. After the interview with Mayor Garcetti The Kid Scoopers were able to quickly talk to Councilwoman Meghan Sahli Wells, who explained that her love for bicycling came about when she was living in Paris.

As a new Parisian who did not have many options of transportation Sahli-Wells found that a bicycle was the best way to get around town and explore the city-she has not stopped bicycling since then. As a matter of fact, Sahli-Wells hopes that, as a city council member, she can make bike lanes much safer for bicyclists so people as young as eight or as old as 80 canget around town unharmed. As the Kid Scoopers finished their interview with Sahli-Wells the CicLAVia event started and numerous bicyclists came out to celebrate. Bicycles as tall asan eight feet and as small as a two foot tricycle drove past them. Families with children also came out to experience the numerous musicians and pop-up booths along the bike route to the sea. Even Paralympic Medalist Candace Cable rode her wheelchair along the path inhopes of informing people that the disabled community are also part of the movement for sustainable transportation. Overall, as the great Meghan Sahli Wells noted, CicLAVia brought " miles and miles of smiles" to Angelenos of all walks of life. Jeremiah: On Sunday, March 26 I had the opportunity to meet and interview the Mayor ofLos Angeles, Eric Garcetti, at CicLavia in downtown Culver City. The morning started off a little chilly but, as time passed, things started to heat up. I saw people of all ages riding bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, rollerblades, and other forms ofsustainable transportation. I even saw people with families riding with their children. This was certainly anevent everyone could enjoy. When I interviewed the mayor his answers were very clear and thoughtful. He was nice and very friendly and, most importantly, very patient. I asked the Mayor ifhethought that bicycles in the future will be recognized as a preferred mode oftransportation and he wholeheartedly agreed. He even added that bicycles have been an important means of transportation" before and...will be even more useful in the future."

When I asked him how long he had been riding bikes he stated that he" has been riding bikes ever since [he] was five years old and that is also the age when [he] got my first bike." I also learned that the bicycle hecurrently uses is a Trek bike that his father had given him many years ago. Ashe thought about how long he has had the bicycle, Mayor Garcetti exclaimed "It's remarkable asto how long I've kept it." While at CicLavia, I also got the opportunity to meet and interview Culver City Council woman Meghan Sahli-Wells. She was very nice and engaging. She showed interest inmy questions and was interested in what I had to say even though I was not a reporter from a major media outlets. She told me that her common mode of transportation is her bicycle. When I asked her if she believed that bicycles will be recognized as a preferred mode oftransportation in the future, she noted that " bikes are a pretty good mode oftransport; we just don't use them as much. Inmy eyes, bikes are more reliable because there's less pollution in the air than cars and they are a great form ofexercise." Unfortunately, Salhi-Wells' bicycle was stolen and she had to borrow her friend's bicycle for CicLAvia. " Right now, I am borrowing a bike from one ofmy friends" sighed Salhi Wells " my bike was stolen. Itis really crazy though but life goes on." It seemed unfair that someone would steal Salhi-Wells' bicycles considering that she is working very hard to represent the citizens of Culver City. However, Salhi-Wells did not let one bad apple ruin her opinions of the people of Culver City. CicLavia taught me that the world doesn't always have to revolve around cars and buses. They are alternative ways to move around and get from Point A to Point B. One just has to be creative and explore their options. Well, this was an exciting event and I cannot wait for the next CicLAvia eventinGlendale. Iam: Kids Scoop Media attended CicLAvia's opening ceremony in Culver City onSunday March 26. This was CicLAvia's first event for 2017 and its path spanned across six miles from Culver City to Venice Beach.

CicLAvia was modeled after a car-free event that took place in Bogota, Colombia 40 years ago. CicLAVia was well attended this year, asit has been for many years, and included new rental bikes from Metro LA. This allowed everyone, skateboarders and non-bicycle owners, to take part inCicLAvia. In the midst of all the bicyclistist riding past us, Kid Scoop Media interviewed many people about why they came together for CicLAvia and here iswhat we learned, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, came out " because it's fun." Board Member of CicLAVia, Sandra Kulli said, " I come, because I love my city...[and] there aren't a lot of places where you can ride your bike safely, so when they close the streets down it's safe and so much fun to get out and be with so many people." Everyone was thrilled to be there and it was great to see so many types oftransportation. " I saw unicycles, bicycles, scooters, and roller blades. The street was packed with bicyclists and pedestrians. There were even dogs and musicians along the route. Itwas so much fun and everyone on the route felt safe and welcome. Pets and kids were given stickers that said: " I Walked!...I Biked! This event not only improved the air quality but it was for all also fun for all ages. CicLAVia's bicycle path went through the farmers market in Mar Vista sobicyclists were able to buy fresh produce. Meghan Sahli-Wells noted that she hopes this event will urge Culver City toadding bike lanes with barricades so that the 8-80 rule for them stands. For those ofyou who don't know what the 8-80 rule isitis saying that people from eight years of age to 80 years can feel safe. CicLAvia was so much fun and anyone can enjoy it. Itis helping air quality, promoting healthy lifestyles and event providing an avenues for strangers to meet each other and have fun.


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