$100 Traffic Ticket Could Become $815 in California


Has it been a year already that some hacker stole personnel details of 30,000 employees at the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI? Someone was asleep at the switch.

It was in 1908, a year after my dad was born, that the New York City’s Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance prohibiting women from smoking in public. Everybody remembers from their American History class President Rutherford B. Hayes, but did you remember in 1879 he signed a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the U.S. Supreme Court?

Once again for the nine hundredth time I’m suggesting the Board of Education drop Japanese for Chinese. Why? Well, because last year they bought over $200 billon in acquisitions overseas. That isn’t small potatoes –that’s BIG potatoes.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest backers was the National Rifle Association. The NRA donated $26 million in ads and other related costs. After looking at our country’s bad winter on the Weather Channel I wondered what states were the worst for driving. The five deadliest statesfor wintertime car accidents and their average accidents from 2011 to 2015 are as follows: first, Ohio, 86; second, Michigan, 83; third, Pennsylvania, 65; fourth, Indiana, 49; and fifth, New York, 46.

Ever wonder what happened to Rudy aka Keisha Knight - Pulliam from the Cosby Show? Not only is Keisha all grown up, but she just had a baby girl. Just amazing! Scientists are developing a robot sleeve that can encase a flabby diseased heart and gently squeeze to keep it pumping. So far it’s been tested only in animals, improving blood flow in pigs, but this “soft robotic” device mimics the natural movements of a beating heart, a strategy for next-generation treatments of deadly heart failure.

The Monroe, Louisiana Fire Department has named its first female captain. Sabrina January joined the department in 2001 as one of the city’s first three female fire fighters. Our current fire chief is trying to hire the very first

Culver City female fire person but I don’t believe Chief White will be successful. The United States Mint will release a commemorative gold coin in April that will feature Lady Liberty as a black woman, marking the first time the U.S. symbol has been depicted as anything other than white on the nation’s currency. The coin, with a $100 face value, will commemorate the 225th anniversary of the Mint’s coin production, the Mint and the Treasury Department announced in mid-January. Going on sale on April 6, 2017, it will be 24-karat and weigh about an ounce.

If you haven’t signed up for health insurance you may soon be getting a letter from the tax man. The IRS is ending letters to millions of taxpayers reminding them they could be responsible for hundreds of dollars. The penalty for this year could be $2,085 or more, depending on family size and income. It just seems to never end.

Just scanning my past issues of various newspapers, I see where Caroline Kennedy will be coming home soon after serving three years as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. Last September Governor Brown signed a bill that became law on January 1, 2017. This bill would shield entertainers from exposing their ages to public view. The First Amendment charges have been brought up and the courts will decide.

Minnesota’s program for keeping sex offenders confined after they complete their sentence in prison is constitutional. That’s the ruling in January by a federal appeals court. Here in California a $100 traffic ticket becomes $490 with additional charges, including fees for court construction, a DNA fund and emergency medical services. Missing the deadline bumps the fine to $815.00. Charles Herbertson, here is your chance to get away!!! The city of Perry, Georgia is looking for a Director of Public Works. Chuck, I remember you went to the Naval Academy so pencil it out – you can purchase a four bedroom, three bathroom home for about $75 a square foot – or thereabout. Remember what you know and who did what to Colonel McCarthy.

U-hauls are leaving three days a week going east on Interstate 10. Check out the City of Warner Robins, Georgia as they have positions for Firefighter, Police Officer, Administrative Secretary and record techs. Go to wrga.gov. For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at http://www.culvercityobserver.comby placing Rubenstein in that website's search box.


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