Planned Construction Concerns Culver Crest Residents

Dear Editor,

My name is Cathy Zermeno, my husband George and I have lived on the Crest since 1954, we raised two children and they attended Culver Schools. It has been a perfect community to live in.

I am writing because I am surprised that the Planning Dept allowed the plans for 10753 Crank Road to pass. This house has 5,000 feet and they are planning on building a two-story unit beneath it on the Terraced Hillside, a proposed rental that will include an elevator and a 2,200 feet of floor space.

This Hill has had a lot of problems.1978 1993 and the most recent in. 2005 was the ugliest land slid, the homes on Cranks Road had to be evacuated and eventually one was demolished. it was too far gone to save....We have lived thru all of these frightening days and nights...our children walking home from school and driving home the street closed, with the hill slipping and could have tumbled at anytime ..We were all so concerned......

I believe that not only the homes on Cranks Rd. were and are in danger but the whole hill...we live in the middle of the hill, and we have noticed cracks on our new driveway and also on our patio in the back yard....some in the house...

I am very concerned about this home and the addition that is planned. We depend on our officials to watch over our city. Please study this more carefully.


Cathy and George Zermeno

Culver City


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