It Wasn't A Prank: He Went To The White House


February 16, 2017

By Cameron Shields

Age 13

I received a text message from my mom asking if I wanted to go to Washington D.C. to report on President Obama honoring the Chicago Cubs with their trophy for winning the 2016 World Series.

I answered with an immediate yes, but honestly I thought she was pulling a prank on me. Later that night we received a message from Kids Scoop Media wanting us to confirm our willingness to participate in this opportunity.

The prank had quickly become a reality, we were actually going to Washington D.C. We immediately started searching for plane tickets and searching for a hotel. We found a spectacular hotel called The Carlyle.

The next day we were on a plane headed to Washington D.C. We were actually going to visit the White House and witness President Obama give his last public event as President before Mr. Trump would take over the office.

When we arrive in D.C. we had a 45 minute taxi drive to our hotel. I was so excited that I could barely sit still. After a long day of traveling I laid in bed trying to come up with some questions, just in case I had the chance to address the President or any of the Cubs players.

The next day we woke up at 6 am (which was really 3 a.m. at our home in LA) I woke up excited and ready to go. I quickly took a shower and dressed in a suit. Not my favorite, but when you are going to the White House you should dress respectfully.

The only problem with my clothing was my tie. My mom and I couldn't remember how to tie one. We walked a mile to meet the other family in the group and the President of Kids Scoop Media, Patty Mayans.

We met up with everyone and headed toward the White House security. The security guards let us in, accept for Patty, due to some confusion with her ID. Once we got through security there it was, I was standing next to the White House.

I really couldn't believe I was there. Patty caught up with us as we were in line waiting to enter the White House (that put my mind at ease). When we were about to walk in I told my mom that I was scared. I told her that because this is a part of history, and a big part of the world. I did not know what I was in for.

We were sent to a room called the "Eagle Room." I saw the World Series Trophy sitting on a small table. I am a big baseball fan so this really meant a lot to me. They started introducing the players and the President, and my jaw dropped.

I whispered to myself "that is the President of the United States of America." I felt starstruck. President Obama gave a beautiful speech saying that every member of the Cubs team contributed to their success. President Obama spoke to us about the importance of being part of a team and how working together goes far beyond sports. He explained how necessary it is for all people to work together.

President Obama grew up in Chicago but he is a White Sox fan. The Chicago Cubs presented him with a jersey with his name and number on the back. He told us that this is the only time he would wear Cubs gear.

It was funny and everyone laughed. After the speech we were introduced to Rodney, an NBC reporter who had covered tons of events in the White House. He was very wise and told us a lot of great stories that he had experienced after working in the White House for 37 years.

As he was telling one of his stories a secret service man walked in carrying a massive weapon. It really shocked me to see someone armed like this just walking around. Seeing the armed guard made everything seem very real again. When we were about to leave a man with a gun came up to me and asked if he could see my badge. It was under my coat so I pulled it out and he walked away.

My mom and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open. I joked saying if I didn't have a badge they would have kicked me right out. At the end of the day, and still to this day,

I can't even believe that I was in the. White House and attended President Obama's final public event. I will never forget that day.


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