For The First Time A Black Woman On A U.S. Currency

The United States Mint will release a commemorative gold coin in April that will feature Lady Liberty as a black woman. marking the first time the U.S. symbol has been depicted as anything other than white on the nation’s currency. The coin, with a $100 face value, will commemorate the 225th anniversary of the Mint’s coin production, the Mint and the Treasury Department announced in mid-January. Going on sale on April 6, 2017, it will be 24-karat and weigh about an ounce.

If you haven’t signed up for health insurance you may soon be getting a letter from the tax man. The IRS is sending letters to millions of taxpayers, reminding them they could be responsible for hundreds of dollars. The penalty for this year could be $2,085 or more, depending on family size and income. It just seems to never end.

Residents have been asking me, what’s the latest on our former Culver City Clerk, Martin Cole? Some allege Martin was cooperating with the FBI, but try as I might Cousin Neil cannot find any evidence one way or the other. There seems to be more news about the Wells Fargo Bank mess. If you have a lot of financial dealings with Wells, perhaps a talk with Councilmember Jeff Cooper might be helpful as he is still one of their loan officers. Could it be true? In my public document requests, as I recall, the city wrote me they have nothing to do with Wells Fargo. Am I missing something or does that say everything?

In scanning my past issues of various newspapers, I see where Caroline Kennedy will be coming home soon after serving three years as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

Last September Governor Brown signed a bill that became law on January 1, 2017. This bill would shield entertainers from exposing their ages to public view. The First Amendment has been brought up and the courts will decide.

Minnesota’s program for keeping sex offenders confined after they complete their sentence in prison is constitutional. That’s the ruling in January by a federal appeals court.

Here in California a $100 traffic ticket becomes $490 with additional charges, including fees for court construction, a DNA Fund and emergency medical services. Missing the deadline bumps the fine to $815.00.

Charles Herbertson, here is your chance to get away!!! The City of Perry, Georgia is looking for a Director of Public Works. Chuck, I remember you went to the Naval Academy so pencil it out – you can purchase four bedrooms, three baths for about $75 a square foot, or thereabouts.

Remember what you know and who did what to Colonel McCarthy.

U-hauls are leaving three days a week going east on Interstate 10. Check out the City of Warner Robins, Georgia. They have positions for Firefighter, Police Officer, Admin Secretary and Record Techs. Go to

It is so hard to believe some of the superstar musicians who died in 2016: Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Maurice White and Merle Haggard.

Police Chief Jerry Garner told the Greeley Colorado City Council recently that the cost for body-worn cameras for cops estimated at $400,000 can’t be justified.

Many will remember several years ago I mentioned the fate of Christians in the Middle East. Consider a few years ago Iraq was home to 1.5 million Catholics and Orthodox Christians, but today their number is down to 150,000.

Can I say there are legions who remember American Bandstand, the Monday-Friday afternoon dance and singing show on Channel 7? Private Rubenstein had just reported to the Historic 3rd Armored Cavalry at Fort Meade, Maryland. As I recall, the show came from Philadelphia and was on at 3 p.m .; well, my friends, Dick Clark left a while back leaving us to remember the famous New Year’s countdown from Times Square, New York. The Chinese brought Dick Clark Productions last Thanksgiving for $1 billion.

Vitamin D is back in the news. The nutrient is crucial for strong bones and may play a role in other health conditions, though that is far less certain. It seems certain the public needs to have the government set the standards on vitamins.

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