Culver City High Unveils School library Of The Future

Gone are the days of dusty shelves, rarely opened books and lots of shushing. Today's school library is focused on collaboration, technology and a new way of encouraging students to explore ideas that stretches way beyond anything the traditional library could accommodate.

Earlier this month Culver City High unveiled its new Digital Library Media Center (see video at Filled with the latest technology and informal collaborative spaces, the center sets the vision for the future of all Culver City classrooms and learning spaces: modular furniture, state-of-the-art audio/visual tools, a collaborative design and writable spaces. Funded by the voter-approved Measure CC bond, the new Digital Library Media Center, includes the following upgrades:

• 5 Mobile Media:Scapes

• 5 Samsung UHDTV Monitors

• 4 Interactive HD Projectors with two-way in-wall Extron Speakers

• 10 HDMI Inputs with Extron Touchscreen Control Panels

• Mechanical Shade System

• Enhanced Wi-Fi/Data/Power

• 8 Brody WorkLounges

• 10Verb System Multi-configuration Tables with Verb Whiteboards

• 1 Media:Scape Lounge Seating Area with 6 Stools

• 1 Regard Seating Bench with 4 Portable Computer Stands

• Thread Power Track

• 6 Alight Ottoman

• New Carpet

• Ez-rite Walltalker dry erase surface wallpaper

"We are very grateful for the support of the community in providing the funding for this critical project through the passage of our Measure CC bond," said Mike Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services.

The District's Library Supervisor, Asunción Romo, Jr., said the renovation of the library reflects the District's commitment to 21st Century learning.

"The new Culver City High School Library Media Lab is a versatile, state-of-the-art learning environment that supports collaborative, project-based work as well as individual focused work," he said. "It is the classroom of the future."


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