Calling all CERT-izens!

All CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained Culver City residents (or those that work in Culver City) are invited to attend a "Skills Refresher" course! The focus of the refresher will be on hands-on skills only, such as bandaging and splinting, backboarding, fire suppression, building size-up and search, rescue carries, etc.

Trainings will allow teams from each NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team) to train together so you get familiar with other CERT members in your neighborhood!

Training will be offered as follows:

District 1, Saturday, March 11

District 2, Saturday, March 18

District 3, Saturday, March 25

If you don't know or remember what district you live in please visit: and select the "organization" tab to view the district maps.

Signing up is easy. Please visit

As always, thank you for being a part of Culver City CERT.


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