Sales Tax Increase: Where Did the Money Go?


December 29, 2016

The power grabbers at Culver City city hall are laughing so hard their stomachs are hurting. I guess for years they thought we were so naive that we just got off the turnip truck. Well, our day is coming!!! Perhaps you remember the Council ran all over town to get us to vote for the increase in the sales tax, we are so trusting. I and others tried to tell everyone the increase would go to the big shots’ wages and pensions.

The chart shown below was a public document request that shows money sent to Sacramento each month in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Grand total for both (medical and pension paid) is $74,138,173.28. Is there any wonder that some at city hall get wages and benefits of over $300,000 per year and pension checks over $200,000 per year?

Medical 2013-2015 Pension 2013-2015

Jan 2013 $619,391.80 Jan 2013 $1,167,920.15

Feb $609,644.26 Feb $1,122,724.58

Mar $606,048.01 Mar $1,114,949.28

Apr $610,586.43 Apr $1,667,928.97

May $636,138.90 May $1,106,649.09

June $621,079.74 June $1,140,116.11

July $602,918.51 July $1,174,356.15

Aug $613,424.50 Aug $1,941,159.36

Sept $614,489.64 Sept $1,206,668.35

Oct $618,424.00 Oct $1,199,678.86

Nov $617,367.14 Nov $1,204,283.69

Dec $623,341.08 Dec $1,235,132.95

Jan 2014 $638,916.74 Jan 2014 $1,878,025.45

Feb $650,146.13 Feb $1,204,228.52

Mar $627,907.36 Mar $1,214,036.98

Apr $632,266.61 April $1,212,577.30

May $627,960.77 May $1,202,205.46

Jun $634,536.45 June $1,205,786.44

July $617,198.37 July $1,928,132.16

Aug $631,636.40 Aug $1,367,814.22

Sept $621,378.88 Sept $1,336,383.92

Oct $631,407.62 Oct $1,307,979.25

Nov $618,838.77 Nov $1,313,196.24

Dec $607,716.97 Dec $2,078,534.58

Jan 2015 $641,061.36 Jan 2015 $1,364,245.27

Feb $648,850.05 Feb $1,349,268.50

Mar $641,889.15 Mar $1,371,954.04

Apr $641,881.34 Apr $1,354,939.12

May $641,891.81 May $1,354,282.56

June $642,964.63 Jun $1,364,622.11

July $648,289.96 Jul $2,414,888.45

Aug $637,989.82 Aug $1,492,189.37

Sept $655,651.62 Sept $1,501,111.29

Oct $643,493.79 Oct $1,498,208.94

Nov $642,007.71 Nov $1,509,016.43

Dec $644,806.77 Dec $2,369,436.05

Medical paid to CalPERS (Active Employees and Retirees)

2013 $7,392,854.01

2014 $7,539,911.07

2015 $7,730,778.01

Grand total $22,663,543.09

Pension paid to CalPERS (Active Employees)

2013 $15,281,567.54

2014 $17,248,900.52

2015 $18,944,162.13

Grand total $51,474,630.19

The first U.S. Memorial to victims of lynching will open in Alabama in 2017, said a civil rights organization. The Equal Justice Initiative memorial would pay tribute to the more than 4,000 black victims killed across the South from 1877 to 1950.

Americans age 65 and older who are living with Alzheimer’s disease are 5.2 million.

Will the expression on your face be that of total surprise when I tell you Tiger Woods, in the World Standing, in the second week of October, 2016, is 767? Tiger is 39 now and his very best years were from 1997 to 2008.

Can it be true? Atlanta residents now have a closer gambling operation, now that Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel has been open for 27 months. It’s 60,000 square feet of casino in Murphy, North Carolina, only 120 miles from downtown Atlanta. The $110 million project will offer more than 1,000 slot machines and 70 traditional table games, as well as a 300-room hotel. The property is owned by the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Tribal Council and managed and operated by Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation, the parent company of Harrah’s.

Scientists have identified a new problem for amphibians, which are already shrinking in numbers. A parasite infesting tadpoles, related to a bug that attacks oysters, has been found in the livers of frogs and tadpoles on three continents. Researchers linked it to a mass die-off in a Georgia lake, said University of Georgia Wildlife Ecology Professor, Michael Yabsley.


I went to the Coffee with a Police Office on October 12, 2016 at the new Starbucks at the recently rebuilt Broadway Tire Center in the Culver City Westfield Mall. A profound question directed to Captain Azran, the acting assistant police chief, concerned the mentally ill. Azran mentioned how every officer received 16 hours of special training from Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. He also stated whenever there are citizens with this problem an officer with extensive training and a medical professional go to the scene ASAP. Culver City doesn’t have problems with law enforcement because of Chief Bixby.

Things are so bad with the U.S. Navy and its shortage of ships, as reported last year in USA Today, the Marine Corps has plans to deploy its forces aboard foreign vessels to ensure they can respond quickly to a global crisis in Europe or Western Africa. The Navy has 30 amphibious ships, but says it needs 38 to fulfill its war-fighting requirements.

A New Jersey judge found probable cause on October 13, 2016 to move forward with an official misconduct complaint against Governor Christie regarding the 2013 George Washington Bridge scandal.

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