If Chargers Move Here It Will Be Fine

Two Teams In Same Stadium? It Looks Likely


December 22, 2016

Last week San Diego City Council offered the Chargers a rental fee of $1 if the team would continue playing in Qualcom Stadium.

They asked the Chargers to consider that they have 60 years of tradition in their fine city.

Most likely the Chargers will deny the offer and move to Los Angeles, joining the Rams in the new stadium being built in Inglewood,

‘We have tried through seven mayors. It is very sad that we’ve reached this point,” the Chargers announced to the media.

How will it work to have two teams sharing the stadium here. Very well, I believe.

The Giants and Jets share the stadium in New York. Since there’s only one game a week in the NFL there’s no conflict.

Well. not exactly. There’s the matter of an occasional Thursday night game, like last week. A changeover that usually takes a few days had to be done in much shorter time. But they managed.

Right here in LA the Lakers and Clippers share Staples Center. The Lakers and hockey Kings get priority on dates. The Clippers don’t like that and owner Steve Ballmer has raised the possibility of building a new arena somewhere in Los Angeles when his current lease at Staples Center expires in 2024. But that’a a long way away.

Right now the Clippers are doing all right even if they’re considered the second team because the Lakers were here first. The Clippers win often and regularly attract sellout crowds.

The Chargers have asked for a new stadium in San Diego for at least 15 years. The owner annually meets with the city’s lawmakers and nothing is accomplished.

San Diego voters were given the chance to help the Chargers recently by voting for a new tax on the city’s hotels to contribute to a new stadium. They voted no.

The NFL has approved the concept of two teams sharing a stadium. The deadline is approaching for the Chargers saying they’ll move here. The Chargers will wait for the season to end to make that announcement.

All indications are they’ll join the Rams next season in the Coliseum prior to both teams going to Inglewood.

The new staduum will be surrounded by homes and stores, enough to give fans a shopping experience besides a football game,

I don’think the crowds will entirely consist of LA folks. I believe a lot of San Diego residents will want to continue rooting for their team. They’ll buy tickets in advance and make the short drive,

At least, for these fans, the Chargers aren’t moving very far away.


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