False Mammogram Test Result May Bring on Cancer


December 22, 2016

Women who have had false-positive results on mammograms may face a greater risk of future breast cancer according to a new study. The findings were published recently in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, which is a journal of the American Association of Cancer Research. The study analyzed 2.2 million mammograms from 1.3 million U.S. women who ranged in age from 40 to 74. The study found women with a false positive result had a 39 percent greater chance of developing breast cancer within 10 years.

Oh, my. The Internal Revenue Service might have issued $439 million in potentially erroneous tax refunds in fiscal year 2012 according to an inspector general report. The I.R.S. is also vulnerable to issuing an additional $2.1 billion in undeserved tax refunds over the next five years if steps aren’t taken to modernize the filing of amended tax returns.

Scheduled to open in 2017 will be the 290,000 square foot Academy Museum of Motion Pictures at the May Company Wilshire and Fairfax site. Theodorsia and I can hardly wait.

Two United States warships recently docked at Cam Ranh Bay in the first port call at the Vietnamese naval base since the two countries normalized relations 21 years ago. The visit of submarine tender USS Frank Cable and guided missile destroyer USS John McCain came after the lifting of the U.S. embargo.


Authorities in Southwest Florida say a car theft suspect tried to chew his fingerprints off in an apparent attempt to avoid identification. The Lee County sheriff’s office reports deputies stopped a stolen 2015 Mercedes in Lehigh Acres. They found the driver had a fake ID, a concealed firearm and three phony credit cards. Deputies put the driver in the back of a patrol vehicle. Video shows the man chewing his fingertips. Despite his efforts a fingerprint scanner identified him as 20-year-old Kenzo Roberts with two felony warrants, and a check with Homeland Security showed him illegally in the United States, per The Winchester, Virginia Starr.

From the San Francisco Chronicle, the Lake County District Attorney claims perjury across our country is so rampant that he has assigned permanently one of his 14 district attorneys to review cases. In the U.S. nearly 2,000 wrongful convictions were reversed since 1989; fifty percent were perjury based. Lake County, California will be the first of its kind in any district attorney’s office in the nation to have a special prosecutor.

Perhaps you read in the Wall Street Journal, “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has throughout his career given campaign contributions to state attorneys general while they weighed decisions affecting his business, a review of his political donations shows.” Can I ask what’s the difference between that and three Culver City citizens who, while running for city council, took hard and soft contributions from a developer and voted to approve his project?

Can you believe it was 58 years ago that Pan American Airlines began Transatlantic service aboard a Boeing 707 jet, cutting flying time from New York to London from 13 ½ hours to 6 ½ hours? The year was 1958.

For all you airline travelers, don’t stop shopping after you buy a ticket. By law you can cancel a booking without penalty for 24 hours after you pay for it, as long as you are not traveling for at least a week, according to Bloomberg Business Week Magazine.

These are price listed below that will change from August, 2015 to August, 2016:

Produce Price

Eggs -37.9 %

Beef and Veal -7 %

Milk -4.9 %

Coffee -3.8 %

Apples +10.3 %

Israel and Jordan are in the process of building a desalination plant near the port of Aqaba which will produce 80 million cubic meters of water annually, of which 26 million will be directed to the Israel desert area for mainly agricultural purposes.

The Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 that the Chicago city council voted to change the way police misconduct is investigated by creating a new complaint agency with expanded powers. Many of us in Culver City would say we should lend the windy city two or three offices for the time needed to train their police in the Chief Bixby method. We have the best and should be willing to share it with other jurisdictions.

Theodorsia and I don’t have any business or family that would cause us to travel to Kansas City. This city is officially recognized by Congress with the National World War 1 Museum and Memorials. In 1919 residents of K.C. raised more than $2.5 million in 10 days to construct a monument to those who served. To learn more about upcoming events and exhibits, go to theworldwar.org.

I recently found a copy of the American Legion Magazine, and read about a cancer predictor. Genetic changes can predict cancer up to 13 years in the future, the London Telegraph reports, citing research conducted by Harvard University and Northwestern University scientists. The research team found that protective caps on the ends of chromosomes had significantly more wear and tear in people who went on to develop cancer.

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at http://www.culvercityobserver.com by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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