Culver City High Teams With Google And iLuminate For Student-Coded Dance Performance


December 15, 2016

Culver City High's AVPA Dance Program performed on one of the world's most exclusive stages last Friday Night: Google Venice Beach. But they didn't do it alone. The school's Girls Who Code club did all the legwork, and together these two student groups combined to put on an epic performance for hundreds of Southern California high schoolers interested in computer science and its limitless possibilities..

Just a week ago Google teamed with iLuminate – makers of codable dance suits – and approached Culver City High to create a performance that highlighted the intersection of dance and technology:

Garnering a rousing applause, it was clear that the collaboration between AVPA and Girls Who Code produced just the kind of outcomes Google and iLuminate were looking for.

So, what's next for these storied programs at Culver City High? The students say "Everything." After Friday's performance at Google Venice Beach, that's certainly seems true.


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