Classroom Audio Fundraiser Aims to Ensure Students Can Hear

Parents at Culver City Middle School are holding an end-of-year fundraising drive to purchase audio systems to improve the learning environment in every classroom on campus.

When CCMS teachers were asked what the community could do to help, improved classroom audio came out at the top of the list. Currently, most classrooms are only equipped with small computer speakers, making it difficult for students to hear instructional media.

Teachers across the spectrum agree on the importance of this effort. A science teacher stated that "with so many students and often an air conditioning unit running, it can be very difficult to hear unless someone is seated directly in front of the computer.

" An instructor of English Language Learners commented, "we show short films with closed captions. These students need to hear the proper pronunciation of words" in order to develop fluency.

CCUSD Superintendent Joshua Arnold had strong praise for the fundraising effort. "The campaign and process by which [Panther Partners and PTSA] came up with improved classroom audio support is absolutely perfect." He thanks the community for "working to provide even better experiences for all of our middle schoolers and teachers."

"Parents hope to raise $8,000 to install sound systems in every classroom," said booster club member Scott Malsin. "No matter how much you can contribute - $5, $50, or $500 – your generosity is greatly appreciated."

Tax-deductible donations can be made online at


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