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Dear Editor


December 8, 2016

Dear Editor,

The Vulgar Herd reared its ugly head, saw the river with the bully-gators, got a glimpse of the elite and them that's with em, standing off to the side, waving the Herd on to the river, shouting "all is well, all is well!" From out of nowhere an old Bull cried, "follow me, I know a better way!"

Can life be good again for the Herd? Good enough is great with the Herd. It's a blue collar life they want to get too. Like grandma used to say "Lord only knows what's gonna happen next." The Herd is prepared for the same, hoping for the good, knowing the great, might be a bridge too far.

The Herd voted to go back to work again, maybe the fourth or fifth time is the charm. The Herd thinks make America great again, like hope and change, means a blue collar job again, don't matter which one, they'll take the blessings and everything else that comes with a blue collar job. Hard work, groceries, rent, kid’s clothes, shoes, tires for Mom's truck, the necessities.


The Herd's people, who have dirt and grease under their fingernails, shower after work. It's a range rider on a snowy ridge in the San Juan’s, it's a machine operator running a backhoe in a big city, or daddy going back to work in the mine, It's longshoremen, ditch diggers, fry cooks, hod carriers, pipe fitters, painters, truck drivers, drillers, equipment operators, share croppers, family farmers, family ranchers, seamen, trainmen, fishermen, riggers, electricians, plumbers, welders, tin benders, wrench turners, wire pullers and broom pushers, workers, guys and gals that show up to a jobsite somewhere, or a factory, and do their part to build something.

Bill Silvestre

Member since 1944

Chairman Culver City Chamber of Commerce 1992-93


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