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December 8, 2016

The press release from Karen Bass on the death of Fidel Castro was not stupidity, rather simply ignorance. Take it from someone who was there until Jan.4, 1961 having lived the first two years of the Castro dictatorship. Thank God I was able to leave and not be subjected to the full 57 years of that criminal monster.

No labor unions or political parties other than the Cuban Communist party!

No private home ownership, businesses or even jobs not controlled by the government!

Did Miss Bass not notice the mass Exodus consistently Over the 57 years, often with fatal results. By both rich, poor, black and white?

No freedom of the press. Internet access by a very limited number of government officials.

I still love my beautiful native country, Cuba. But not as much as my beautiful, bountiful, charitable adopted country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Luis "Lu" Rivas

Luis "Lu" Rivas, CLU, RHU, LUTCF

Rivas & Associates. 17260 Oak View Drive, Encino,Ca.91316

Cell: (818) 518-5341

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