Asia May Be Funding Huge Growth In Inglewood


December 8, 2016

As reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners (Board of Supervisors as it’s called in California) voted 5-0 to spend $13.4 million for the new countywide 800 MHz data radio communications system. This replacement network will be tied to new 800 MHz radios being purchased by each of the six Cobb cities for 911 center communications. Funding will come from the 2016 Special Purpose Local Options Sales Tax Funds. Could this be the reason or part of the reason that supposedly the City Manager wanted to dump those long time city employees from Culver City’s 911 emergency center in the basement of the police department and send the jobs to Hawthorne? I wonder where loyalty went. So it could have been, “Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year – now get your stuff and leave – you have been terminated.”

Have you been in the City of Inglewood lately? If you have, then you saw large lots on Prairie and other streets that have been cleared and leveled. Mayor Butts has done a wonderful job preparing his city for the massive redevelopment soon to come. Word has it big money from Asia is buying everything in sight and property values are on a space ship to the moon. We need Mayor Butts in Sacramento.

During the first half of 2016 the Forum booked 39 percent of all concerts in this area.

California State Senator Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) is pushing to extend the sales tax to include services. This so-called “reform” would generate roughly $10 billion in its first year, with increasing amounts thereafter. According to a chart prepared by the California Board of Equalization the state has identified 15 industries and 487,000 firms that have the potential to generate $111 billion in sales tax revenue. This includes lawyers, accountants, and other added service providers.

Were you aware that at the state level the Legislative Analyst’s office has the responsibility to provide a “fiscal impact” report as to the cost to the taxpayer of passing a proposition? But this isn’t currently required at the local level. We need State Senator Holly Mitchell to get a law through Sacramento to take care of this problem. Can I be blunt? Requiring a nonpartisan analysis would give voters who will be stuck with the bill another tool to evaluate a ballot measure.

Were you a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune? Scientists believe up to a million people may have been exposed to a toxic brew of chemicals which were in the drinking water and could cause liver and kidney cancer and many other ailments. Concerned individuals should contact the VA for testing.

It wasn’t that long ago that an eleven-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said a portion of a federal law that made it a crime to wear an unearned military medal violated freedom of speech rights.

The composition of the 206,000 people who applied to the University of California colleges either as undergraduates or as transfer students in 2015 was as follows: Latino students, 34.1 percent; Asian Americans, 29 percent; white students, 26.6 percent; African Americans, 6.3 percent; and decline-to-state, 4.0 percent.

The police in one of California’s largest cities don’t stop until the bad guys are locked up. A case in point, three stinkers were arrested not for grand theft auto or murder or bank robbery, but for stealing five parrots. Yes, in Long Beach three criminals, of which two were almost immediately found and put away. The Mounties couldn’t have done it better.

Chinese investments in U.S. businesses now total nearly $50 billion and could reach $200 billion in five years, so says a study by global research firm Rhodium Group. So when is our Board of Education going to phase out Japanese?

Recently I was going through one of my filing cabinet drawers. You know the one, since its marked “Top Secret” and deals with L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies and the ruling by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michelle Rosenblatt. She ruled information gleaned from police officers’ personnel files regarding qualifications, conduct and identities of peace officers were a matter of public interest. The judge found newspapers were protected by the 1st Amendment. The police in Culver City are a bunch of professionals led by Chief Bixby and his staff.

Has everybody has a chance to read The Progressive magazine yet? Three University of Texas professors are suing to ban guns from their classrooms, despite a new law allowing them on college campuses. They have been warned by lawyers representing the university and the state that “any individual professor who attempts to establish such prohibition is subject to discipline.” GOP State Representative Bob Gannon of Wisconsin vows to introduce the “Disarmed Citizen Compensation Act” to subject businesses that ban firearms on their premises to triple liability for any gun-related damages. Businesses that allow weapons are already exempt from liability in Wisconsin.

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