Message From the Superintendent


November 24, 2016

Dr. Josh Arnold

Culver City Families,

We have never been more proud of our students.

Culver Unified is, and must always be, a haven of diversity and opportunity for young people of all walks, talks, ages and aspirations – regardless of how you look, what your parents do for a living, or which language you speak.

This election has not changed our values. And just as we have long set an example for other school districts to follow, we will continue to defend and preserve our students' safety and speech to no end.

Post-election, we have engaged and supported our students and staff in a number of forums meant to encourage civic discourse, as well as provided additional counseling services to those experiencing anxiety or who have questions about the future.

There are great things going on in our classrooms, schools, city, state, and country. Continuing this progress, and instilling hope for tomorrow, is essential for our kids to be successful.

--- Dr. Arnold


Culver Culver City Unified School District


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