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George Petrelli's Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner


November 17, 2016

A little over a week after hosting thousands of customers for the 85th Anniversary of Petrelli’s the Petrelli family invites you to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in a most traditional way. That’s the way George Petrelli and his Uncle Joe insisted it be done and the tradition carries on.

You will think you’re at family dinner with the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings in the recently remodeled restaurant.

Soups, salad, yams, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries just the way Mom made it except without all the fuss and who could forget the pumpkin pie.

You would rather have one of Petrelli’s famous mouth watering steaks?

No problem the full menu will also be available.

The special Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner will be served until 8pm.

Coming for the holiday? Would you rather dine at home? No problem, Petrelli’s offers Thanksgiving take out dinners, but orders must be placed in advanced and picked up on Thanksgiving Day.

If you want to feel all the warmth of a family Thanksgiving but without all the work then head to George Petrelli’s this year. You won’t be disappointed!

Reservations are recommended.

George Petrelli’s Famous Steakhouse

5615 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City

(310) 397-1438

Turkey joins Dinah’s Famous Chicken For Thanksgiving

Few reside in Culver City or its neighboring towns who don't know that the friendly atmosphere, ample menu, generous portions and family prices of traditional East coast diners can be found right here in Southern California at Dinah's. Wait to be seated at a cozy vintage booth and choose from a menu featuring everything from omelettes to tacos to triple-decker sandwiches to prime rib...and don't forget their signature finger-lickin' fried chicken. Pay at the door with a smile and a nod and never walk away hungry. Conveniently located on Sepulveda just above the Westfield Fox Hills Mall and just below The Bridge Marketplace at Howard Hughes Center, Dinah's is the perfect place to take a lunch break during or kick back at the end of a day of holiday shopping and festivities.

And if the in-laws are coming for Turkey day and you can't bare the thought of too many cooks in the kitchen before dinner and not enough hands on deck to clean up the mess after, Take Thanksgiving off this year, Mom, and let Dinah's do the cooking. Order Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings to go, heat it up and serve in less than 2 hours with nothing to clean but the dinner plates.

Special Thanksgiving Dinner Take-Out -$99.99 +tax. Serves 8 - 10 people. 1.5 hrs to heat turkey. Dine-in Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings served with a non alcoholic beverage, soup or salad and pie- $19.95 Adults, $16.95 Children.

1 12 to 14 lb fresh roasted Turkey

2 1 quart old fashioned Stuffing

3 2 quarts of Mashed Potatoes

4 1 quart of Giblet Gravy

5 1 quart of Candied Yams

6 1 quart of vegetables (Choose Carrots, Green Beans, Creamed Spinach)

7 1 pint of Cranberry Sauce

8 12 Dinner Rolls or loaf of cornbread

9 1 Pie (Choose Pumpkin or Apple)


6521 S. Sepulveda Blvd., LA

(S. of Jefferson) (310) 645-0456

HOURS: Mon - Sun 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

Billingsley’s Prime Rib & Steakhouse

In 1946, long before Elvis, Beatles, trips to the moon, computers, cell phones, Star Wars and DVD’s, Billingsley’s Prime Rib & Steakhouse in West LA (and Van Nuys) established itself as the place for down home, good old fashioned lick-your-fingers American food that is dog gone good. But they keep ticking, better than the battery, Glenn Sr. started the saga and in 1974 Glen Jr. and his wife Karen continued the story and have run the West LA operations ever since.

Of course you already know about the delicious steaks and prime rib. You probably already know that when you see these low prices, you shake your head in disbelief, thinking your eyesight is skipping. The menu here is wide-ranging and fun. For Thanksgiving this year Billingsley’s will be serving four options for dinner. A complete turkey dinner including soup or salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce, candied yams and either Pumpkin pie or ice cream, a lobster dinner including potato, soup or salad, grilled seasonal vegetables, pumpkin pie or ice cream, a prime rib dinner with choice of three sizes with potato, soup or salad, grilled seasonal vegetables, and pumpkin pie or ice cream and a lamb dinner including potato, soup or salad, grilled seasonal vegetables and pumpkin pie or ice cream. Every day there are Early Bird Menu dinners from 4:30-6:30pm, with complete dinners at outrageously low prices. Billingsley’s dessert menu is more than just fun to browse. Order for gods sake. Our favorite is the sensational Strawberry Shortcake, with copious amounts of sweet strawberries, cake, and ice cream, served in a mega-size gobbler. Easily enough for two. Another Billingsley favorite is just to hang around at their ever-friendly bar, a gathering spot for all these 59 years. The state of mind around here is how replete can they make you? Most of the staff have been here 10-30 years.

Billingsley’s is open daily. Full bar. Lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday 11:30 am, Sunday dinner only starting at 4:00. Long live


West LA 11326 W. Pico Blvd.

(310) 477-1426

Thanksgiving à la Alps at Chalet Edelweiss


Sandra Coopersmith

Dining at this casual, family-owned restaurant is an experience that definitely delivers a delicious taste of the Alps, including a delectable twist on traditional Thanksgiving fare for those who order the sautéed turkey breast schnitzel with mushrooms in red wine rosemary sauce. It will have you yodeling in delight.

The regular menu will also be available on Thanksgiving, with popular selections that include two fondues, each with a two order minimum. The Swiss Cheese Fondue presents Swiss, Gruyère and Emmentaler cheeses cooked in white wine, served with a mixed green salad, a variety of pickles and a fresh baguette. Or, for fondue fans who want to try something different, there’s the Fondue Chinoise, a vegetable stock hotpot featuring thinly sliced pieces of beef tenderloin, chipolata bratwurst and jalapeno chicken sausage, with white pilaf rice and an array of delicious dipping sauces (curry, horseradish cream, spicy tartar, garlic aioli and Santa Fe), served with a mixed green salad.

The mouthwatering menu reflects the world fare of seven countries: Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and France – and a passport is not required.

Between the beer on tap from Germany, a variety of bottled beers, cocktails, wines, shots, digestives and non-alcoholic beverages, you will not go thirsty. You may want to order one of the special coffees, such as Café Schümli-Pflümli (Americano with Pflümli Schnaps, sugar and whipped cream) with which to wash down a delicious dessert, assuming you are not overwhelmed by tantalizing choices that include Homemade Applestrudel, served with vanilla ice cream. And since the Swiss love chocolate and are known for their fondues, mention must be made of the divine Chocolate Fondue

with strawberries, banana, pineapple and angel food cake.

We can all be thankful for this opportunity to savor delicious European-inspired cuisine in a homey environment. And for those among us who are inveterate shoppers, available for purchase are fondue sets and delicacies such as various flavorful breads, including breads imported directly from Germany.

Bon appétit from the Bachofner family!

Chalet Edelweiss

8740 Sepulveda Blvd

Westchester, CA 90045

(310) 645-8740

Daily 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

Rutt’s Hawaiian Café

I've been to Hawaii many times, but bringing Hawaii home was something I was never able to do, until I sampled Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe in Mar Vista. Remember those leis at the airport? How about that Polynesian flavor that permeates the island? Put on your flowered shirt, and get ready for a trip back to paradise by going to Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe in Mar Vista.

This little nondescript cafe has been around since 1976. Many still drive right by it, and despite it's festive exterior, it's still easy to miss. Ever had an onolicious meal? (That's Hawaiian slang for delicious.) Then check out Rutt's.

If breakfast is your thing, get there early, especially on the weekends, as some of the biggest breakfasts are dished out here at Rutt's. Their Pancakes are made from scratch, Hawaiian French Toast is made with Kings Hawaiian Bread, and there are several omelets, breakfast specials, and combos.

But as you know, Angelinos eat breakfast anytime, so don't be swayed. Rutt's Famous Royales are open-faced scrambled omelettes over white rice, served with s side of teriyaki sauce. Try the Original Hawaiian Royale concocted with Portuguese sausage, Char Sui (barbeque pork), onions, and sprouts. It's highly original. Also available are lunch plates, dinner plates and 10 different types of Rutt's Bowls. Hawaiian short ribs go down easily and the Hawaiian Fried Saimin, a Hawaiian noodle dish, comes with fishcakes, Char Sui, onions and other tasty treats.

Hope you're hungry, because here's a clue about the three sizes of most meals. Junior is huge, regular is massive, and the king is the size of a condo, with everything priced under $10.

Hawaiian cuisine is a unique blending of many Asian foods. Spam, believe it or not, is a popular Hawaiian dish, served in a myriad of ways. Also on the menu are salads, hamburgers, sandwiches and soups.

Sample the Hawaiian shaved ices in such festive flavors as fruit punch, grape, mango, and rainbow. Or check out their slushes in green apple, passion fruit, mango and peach. Inside is a throwback to earlier times, including the prices. Patio dining is also a real treat when the weather permits.

Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe

12114 Washington Blvd.

(310) 398-6326.


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