Mayor Clarke Explains Culver City Ballot Measures


October 27, 2016

On November 8 the voters of Culver City will head to the polls and cast votes that will have a significant impact on daily life. In addition to the Presidential race and other State contests, there are 19 statewide ballot measures, two County measures and four City measures.

These City measures are at the end of the ballot, so while this may be a time when voters feel overwhelmed and fatigued, it is important that residents vote the entire ballot.

City Measures CW, CA, CB and CD are before the people this November. Three of the four measures (CA, CB and CD) are amendments to the City's Charter, our governing document or "Constitution" of the City.

The full text of the Measures can be read here:

Measure CW, the Clean Water, Clean Beach Parcel tax initiative, addresses pollution and water quality in waterways impacted by the City's runoff.

The purpose of Measure CW is to help Culver City do its part to clean up the urban runoff we generate, which currently pollutes our waterways and the Bay. Measure CW will provide funds to improve storm drain infrastructure and green street improvements in Culver City that will reduce the pollution that enters Ballona Creek and ultimately the ocean.

Measure CW will help the City to be both environmentally responsible and address compliance requirements from the State and Federal government. Infrastructure such as this is not cheap, and a new clean water parcel tax will be established that will generate approximately $2,000,000 annually until ended by voters.

Single-family units will pay a $99 annual tax; multi-family units will pay $69 annually; and non-residential landowners will pay a rate of $1,096 annually per acre of land or portion thereof. The new taxes will require independent audits and public oversight, while low-income senior citizens will have an option to apply for discounts.

Please visit the City's website at for more information.

Meanwhile, measures to reform our City Charter will be on the ballot for the residents of Culver City. Because the City has its own Charter and is not a general law city, changes to the Charter need to go to a vote of the people.

Measure CA, if passed, will amend the City Charter to transfer reporting responsibility of the Police Chief and Fire Chief from the City Council to the City Manager.

Measure CB, if passed, will amend the City Charter to preclude former elected officials who have resigned from seeking elected office again for two years.

Measure CD, if passed, will amend the City Charter and remove the requirement that the City Council meet at least twice per month, allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling meetings.

As the City begins its Centennial Celebration, I am reminded of what makes this community special: the people. Culver City is a town of active and responsible voters, and I urge you to learn more about these important local decisions and not let them get buried under the many other voting decisions you will make this November.

Jim B. Clarke


City of Culver City


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