Tito's Tacos Teams Up With LA Rams


October 27, 2016

Liz Habib

Titos Tacos at the L.A. Coliseum courtesy of Liz Habib's (Fox 11) Tweet

Tito's Tacos readily agreed to team up with the LA Rams and serve their award-winning cuisine to more than 200 members of the print and electronic media during halftime of the LA Rams vs. Buffalo Bills game this past Sunday in the Press Box at the LA Memorial Coliseum.

The owner / operator of Tito's Tacos Mexican Food Restaurant, Lynne Davidson, was contacted just a few weeks ago by the Rams organization in hopes of their having iconic local restaurants in their triumphant return to Los Angeles to provide journalists and broadcasters with a halftime spread of food to satiate their ravenous appetites.

Without hesitation Tito's Tacos agreed to do so. The week prior to this the Rams had another well-known iconic local restaurant, Pink's Hot Dogs, do the same thing.

On the day of the event, Tito's Tacos enlisted the owners of an established local catering company -- Great Dane Catering, whom also operate the trendy Detour Bistro Restaurant based in Culver City -- to assist in the professional transportation and arranging of the 300 Tacos with Cheese, 150 Burritos and lots of Chips & Salsas in heated chafing pans on linen covered tables for the event.

In addition, Tito's Tacos General Manager Geraldo Ibarra and his spouse Ivonne Ariana who is in charge of taco production and their young son dropped by to check out everything was in order before taking their seats in the stadium and enjoying the game. {above photo}

Tito's Tacos General Manager Geraldo Ibarra, his spouse Ivonne Ariana (Manager of Taco Production) and son Damian Ibarra visit the L.A. Coliseum press box as the media line up to enjoy 300 tacos and 150 burritos

Before halftime started and once the aromatic smell of Tito's Tacos & Burritos wafted throughout the press box – members of the media in attendance from Buffalo, New York to Los Angeles, California began lining up and partaking in Tito's Tacos award-winning cuisine brought to them by this nationally known restaurant located in Culver City, which was founded by Ms. Davidson's grandfather back in 1959.

The owners and employees of Tito's Tacos thought it was also extraordinarily cool to do this event in light of the fact that the Rams' head coach, Jeff Fisher, was actually born in Culver City.

Among the attendees partaking in the catered Tito's Tacos halftime spread were noteworthy local news reporters Liz Habib & Phil Shuman from Fox News, who both separately tweeted their appreciation for Tito's Tacos, and a number of former LA Rams players including the gregarious and trim Hall of Famer Jackie Slater who even went back for seconds.


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Clubshred writes:

Why not have Tito's setup a stand or 2 for the public during the Ram's games!!! I have going to Tito's since the mid 60's when my dad started taking us there, and now i take my family there whenever we get a chance to head into town!!!


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