Cubs Seek First World Series Win In 108 Years


October 6, 2016

Recently some readers have asked me who’s going to win the World Series.

I’ve given the matter some thought and come up with a reply.

The World Series will be won by either the Cubs or someone else.

I can’t name the someone else because it could be any of the teams who’ve qualified for the 2016 playoffs.

Well, anyone but the Orioles because they were eliminated in the American League wild card game on Tuesday.

My point is there isn’t a co-favorite this year. The Cubs were the vastly superior team in the regular season.

However, we all know anything can happen in a short series. The Red Sox and Rangers, for example could get real hot at the right time. The Dodgers? Not likely but not impossible.

The Cubs are seeking their first World Series victory in 108 years, the longest drought of any team in professional sports. I’m not making this up. They’ve been in the World Series seven times since then but never won.

This season General Manager Theo Epstein put together a remarkably talented team, then inproved it with late season additions.

The Cubs won 103 games, their best showing since 1910.

How good are they? Well. A week ago they had 99 wins and Kris Bryant had 99 RBI. He proceeded to hit a home run, improving both totals to 100.

How about the Cubs’ pitching? They have starting pitchers with the first and second best earned run averages in the National League, Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester. Last season’s Cy Young award winner Jake Arrietta is only their third best starting pitcher now.

As for relief pitching, the Cubs acquired Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees at the trading deadline. He routinely strikes out the side in the ninth inning to preserve leads.

So the Cubs look invincible. But I repeat that anything can happen. And I’m reminded of the old joke: What do you call a Cubs fan with a World Series ring? A thief.

It’s been reported that Epstein is about to get a five-year contract extension for $50 million. He deserves it.

And if the Cubs win the World Series the long-suffering fans will deserve it.


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