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A Message From Rabbi Zack Shapiro


September 29, 2016

To our Temple Akiba community,

As the Holy Days approach Cantor and I have been spending a great deal of time preparing. Much of it has been through conversation with each other, colleagues, friends, family, and our community.

Many have asked:

“Will you be addressing the upcoming elections? Will you share your thoughts on who we should vote for?”

Some have shared, “This is the most pivotal election of our time.”

Dear friends, you will not hear a sermon on who to vote for.

We WILL share our messages on personal growth, responsibility, brining meaning to our lives and to the lives of others, and mindfulness. We will challenge ourselves to find the best within us. We will agitate ourselves out of indifference (so we can go out and make the world better).

Does politics have a place in religion? Yes! (After all, what else would Ron Galperin and I have to talk about, a Rabbi and an elected official?!).

But as a congregation, we seek to face the world t5hrough engaging in social awareness – so that we may pursue justice, love mercy and walk humbly.

My themes this year are as follows:

Rosh Hashanah Evening: Reflections on the Good Old Days

Rosh Hashanah Morning: Who am I, REALLY?

Kol Nidre: What can I aspire to BE

(YK Morning, Rabbi Maller will address the congregation)

Wishing you and all you love a year of blessings and peace.

Publishers Note: We found this message from Rabbi Shapiro on his Facebook Posts. It made some important points which the Rabbi agreed we could share with all our readers. Shana Tova


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