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Dear Editor


September 8, 2016

Dear Editor

I was quite saddened to see another article of more of downtown Culver City restaurants closing in the August 19-24th paper. It seems just as soon as they open these days, their gone.

By the sounds of it we have yet another “Italian” restaurant to go in its place. I feel bad for the struggling restaurants left that are contending with the dilemma of raising prices to meet rent or close.

But even worse when the Downtown Business Association doesn’t attempt to really help with encouraging another Italian restaurant (when Akasha’s owner opens his new restaurant with Italian faire in what was once Sambar’s location, considering downtown Culver City already has plenty of Italian faire options with La Rocco’s, Rocco’s and Blaze Pizza, UGO and enjoEat already contending). Where is the draw for affordable lunches and retail shops?

I think what your article failed to mention was the rising costs of not only Culver City rent but costs in general. My favorite lunch special of $5.99 for a salad and slice of pizza at LaRocco’s has jumped to $7 which I am sure the rising costs of health care and minimum wage increases are hitting the restaurants as well and passing the increase on to its customers.

I think the Downtown Business Association should really reel in its landlords to a quick dose of reality, that they’ve exceeded the monthly rent increases to sustain small businesses. There are a few well known facts to running a restaurant in downtown Culver City, that unless you can grab the Sony Employees strolling out for lunch daily at a decent cost, you’re going to lose your business.

Between parking fees and the average $15 salads and $10 sandwiches may appeal to the executives when the company is picking up the tab, but for the average “Joe” baloney sandwiches are starting to look like the way to go.

I’m not looking forward to only chain restaurants in downtown Culver City but soon they will be the only ones who can afford to be there.

Linda Carlin

Culver City


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