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Some More Thoughts About Martin Cole's Departure


August 25, 2016

Is it possible? Is it possible? Could the moaning and knees shaking noises coming from the City Hall be from the very nervous and worried pencil sharpeners group members? It’s pure speculation at this time, but the rumors are saying, “Why would Martin Cole leave a job paying approximately $275, 000 (wages and benefits) unless someone or something made Mr. Cole extremely upset? Don’t forget, some just might be having sleepless nights afraid of Cole spilling the beans on a few projects from the redevelopment side of the business. No, friends, its conjecture, but if Cousin Neil was involved he would have had a hot pot of Yuban coffee and two king size lemon-filled donuts ready every day.

Are you a female veteran and need assistance with Domiciliary, Residential, or Rehabilitation treatment programs? You need to contact the Greater Los Angeles V.A. Healthcare System, (310) 268-3540, located at 11301 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90073.

In May, Theodorsia and I were visiting the L.A. County Department of Military and Veterans Affairs where we obtained a copy of “Grizzly.” The Grizzly is the official publication for the California National Guard.

I didn’t realize we had California National Guard troops in Cuba, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and the Horn of Africa. Nearly 300,000 female service members have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the years.

Cousin Neil is a chocolate nut!!! I don’t care if it’s white chocolate, brown chocolate, semi-sweet, with or without nuts. If you want the very best and not just good or excellent, then follow Theodorsia and me to 816 South Santa Fe Avenue, downtown L.A. (

Can you believe Assembly Member David Hadley, Republican, AD66 is on the record voting against the prevailing wage, the eight-hour day, the minimum wage, and punishing employers who bounce paychecks to employees? Those registered in the South Bay should vote out Hadley and send Al Muratsuchi back to Sacramento.

Attending the 2016 Dan Foley Outstanding Labor Leader event at the DoubleTree hotel in San Pedro on Saturday, May 14 were Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas accompanied by Scott Malsin as well as over 100 state, federal, county and local officeholders honoring Luther Medina, President, Sheet Metal Local Union 105.

Companies are negotiating with our old enemies to buy American fire power (subject to our government’s approval) as protection from their former comrades, the Chinese. President Obama recently was in Vietnam and they had their checkbook out and a pen full of ink.

If you think the increase in sales tax we voted on and approved was for anything other than wages, pensions and health care, then I have some waterfront property in Riverside I would like to sell you. The latest figures showed the Culver City Manager gets total pay/wages of $372,799.16; our Assistant City Manager/City Clerk gets $271,157.83; Director of Community Development gets $246,052.48; Chief Financial Officer gets $285,817.05; Chief Information Officer gets $239,321.58; Parks and Recreation Director gets $238,159.18; and Manager of Building and Safety gets $205,804.44. Isn’t it disgusting, folks, that these city officials would rather close down the Culver City emergency dispatch center that has less than 15 people and send the work not to Mexico or China or India or Laos but to Hawthorne so they can keep their fat pay checks? It’s about time we said, “Enough is enough, let’s protect Culver City jobs.”

As a sailor who loves to sail on weekends, you must be upset with the Coast Guard’s ability to monitor your location as far as 2,000 miles away through a monitoring system or transponder. Presently, Homeland Security and the Coast Guard receive 92,000 messages daily by the National Automatic Identification System with a reach of 2,000 miles from 12,700 unique vessels over 65 feet. Those agencies and organizations receiving a boater’s location could share it with Boeing, Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Internal Revenue Service, to name a few. A complaint filed in a federal district court in September 2015 claims the government is withholding documents about the program. You know darn well our leaders are going to tell us it’s classified and a matter of national security, but I just bet they want to protect the safety of the seafarers by quickly responding to an attack by a Chinese submarine. See “The Log”—get it or borrow my copy.

From a secret listening location in a city hall located near a television playing Westerns from the 1930s and 1940s and with easy access to the private men’s room, it was heard by a senior member of the cotton candy team that Boeing, Lockheed and other defense companies are in Vietnam. That’s right, top secret documents now indicate American companies will be selling hardware to Hanoi military in order to protect themselves from their former ally, the Chinese.

For those who missed an article, all my commentaries can be found at by placing Rubenstein in the website’s search box.


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