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Culver Mayor Clarke Honored By Appreciative Seniors


August 18, 2016

The Culver City Mayor Jim B. Clark was honored Friday, August the 12th at Meridian of Cheviot Hill's Grand Opening, with a Lifetime Achievement Award given by the World Wide Corporation of Meridian Senior Living and by the creators of the ground breaking senior activity program, "Seniors on the Move Today". Mayor Jim B. Clark was honored openly for a lifetime of consistently lending a hand to those in need and the care he shows for all the wonderful people of Culver City.

Meridian of Cheviot Hill's Grand Opening was truly a star studded event to remember, with surprises around every corner. The Machete and Bad Ass Movie Star Danny Trejo who was also a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, walked around cheerfully smiling, greeting guest, and taking pictures. As he received his award, hundreds in attendance were surprised to hear that such a Hollywood tough guy had been a teen drug addict counselor since 1969 and despite all of his Villainous roles played in the movies, Danny Trejo among those closest to him, is very well known for positive community outreach.

The August 12 Grand opening was not just your ordinary grand opening, it also was a historical event. It featured Meridians home grown, "Oldest living" (they range from late 70's to even 100 years old), Active, Debate Team, who for the first time ever debated the 7-time National Champion Bruins, "UCLA Debate Team". This Historical, Guinness World Record braking, never before seen debate on Gun Control, was very exciting! Even though Carrol the Debate Captain and the Vice-Captain Dean are touching 100 years old, they debated fiercely against 20 year old UCLA champions, who in the Prime of their lives, did not pull punches.

Honorable Professor Thomas Miller Director of Forensics & Communication Studies at UCLA and also the debate team coach, said he was "impressed" by how the senior debate team "the Ageless Debaters" fought back courageously despite UCLA's strong arguments.

It was also great to see how much Clark cared so deeply about seniors, as he greeted them with warm hugs and a genuine bright smile. He showed he was not just present for his Lifetime Achievement Award but to show he was truly interested in the seniors of the community and their well-being as they participated in another "Seniors on the Move Today" event.

Meridian seniors, use the ground breaking "Seniors on the Move Today" program, a multi-sensory, mentally, and physically, stimulating, program, that allows residents to participate in activities like: Debate, Speech Clubs, Choir, Dance, Yoga, Politics, Charities, Social Service Clubs, Helping the Community, Stage Performances, Fashion Shows, Golf, Writing, Book Clubs, Trips to Las Vegas, Cruises, and over 30 other clubs and activities. Their always seems to be something going on at Meridian of Cheviot Hills, so keep a look out for their Classic Car Show and Fall Bizarre, happening soon somewhere near you!


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