Onward And Upward For Holly Mitchell


Nobody has more respect and admiration for our State Senator Holly Mitchell than Theodorsia and I. She has had numerous bills signed by Governor Brown, and she has taken the progressive position in Sacramento.

We firmly agree Holly’s stance on grand juries, as in relationship to police shootings, made her the United States legislator of the year. In 2018 when Mark Ridley-Thomas is termed out of office we need Holly Mitchell to be elected to the Board of Supervisors. Sign us up.

Per Time Magazine, a new study found full-fat dairy products reduced the risk of diabetes by 46 percent compared with skim milk, possibly because whole dairy can help people eat less or improve blood sugar control. Also, some studies show people who eat skim or low-fat dairy may have higher rates of heart disease than people opting for full-fat varieties, possibly because they’re eating more carbs.

Have you read a recent copy of the Army Times? Well, if I had to do it again, instead of leaving the service as the Regimental Cryptographer, I would have transferred to Air Force, becoming a drone pilot. Those Air Force people are receiving a re-enlistment bonus of $125,000 and you just know they don’t march or dig foxholes. It’s hot showers and clean sheets every night.

Many of us were shocked when news reached us about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Mr. Paxton, the last of the good guys, was charged with four counts of fraud for allegations that he deceived friends and wealthy investors. Mr. Paxton has pleaded not guilty. Do you believe a Texas grand jury will be called?

From the secret room in the basement of the Beverly Hills Board of Education (you know, the one that requires the special knock – tap, tap, tap, and tap-tap-tap before the three-inch-thick steel door with the beer label opens): Beverly Hills Unified School District K-3 classes will see more students. That’s right, folks, the cap was 20 and now its 23 because the district needed to solve its financial issues.

Currently BHUSD has 53 K-3 teachers with an enrollment of 1,009 students, or 19 students per educator. Each educator costs their district $100,000 in salary and benefits but, by increasing the class size by only three kids, 44 teachers are needed, thus saving the district $900,000. No, I don’t know if plans are in the mill to cut wages or pensions of the big shots.

If you enjoy reading Anne Perry you will be happy to learn she has left Scotland and now lives in West Hollywood. The author has sold approximately 25 million copies of mainly historical Victorian mystery novels. Perhaps the Friends of the Julian Dixon Library will invite her to speak . . . ?

Real estate news of the moment: The same property that cost $4,999,999 in 1982 is now selling for $33,000,000.

Does your child or anybody you know have “Treatment Resistant Leukemia” (ALL)? If so, contact Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to participate in a new promising study called ZUMA4 at clinicaltrials.gov. This new development has ushered in a whole new era of cancer immunotherapy.

Good news, as mentioned in the March 2016 issue of the Inglewood Unified School District’s “School News”: Dr. Vincent Matthews formulated a plan to refinance Measure K Bonds which will save district taxpayers millions of dollars. Property owners in the Inglewood District will see a reduced tax rate on future tax bills. Sean Kearney and his team handle our district’s finances and do a terrific job. He is knowledgeable and has a grip on all facets of the dollars it takes to run the operation.

At least five children were given the wrong immunizations at a health clinic for the uninsured, including a two-year-old boy who got an “excessive dose” of a cervical cancer prevention vaccine, authorities said. The Salem County New Jersey-run “Shots for Tots” program has been shuttered while officials try to determine how and why the errors occurred.

Things are so bad in the Beverly Hills Police Department that a consulting group, Management Partners, was hired to look at improving operations, hiring and disciplinary procedures. The report by Management Partners offered 24 recommendations to the Police Department that was lacking in strategic vision and suffering from low morale, flawed hiring practices, a lack of transparency in promotion practices, and poor succession planning and team building. After four quarters, it’s the Beverly Hills Police Department Zero – Culver City Police Department 40.

Faced with a mandate to cut nearly 30,000 active and reserve soldiers in the coming year, the Army will have little patience with troopers who cannot deploy or perform their operational duties. While a bulk of the force reductions, i.e. 15,000 in the active component, will be achieved through attrition, the Army will convene involuntary boards. Almost 14,000 will be departing from the reserves. With the world in such bad shape, a nearly 30,000 reduction is shameful.

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