The Warriors Are Going After Durant


Several months ago I interviewed Jerry West

and featured my story about his contributions to

the Golden State Warriors in his consultant role.

Proud of the Warriors

success, he concluded the

interview by saying the team had the money to

go after the No. 1 free agent this summer

regardless of who that would be.

Today there

s no doubt that the Warriors


is Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City

s star who is a

free agent.

Had the Warriors won their second straight

championship they might have internally

debated whether it was wise to alter the

chemistry of a championship team by bringing

in someone who would need the ball pretty


However, the Warriors lost the final three games

to the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, making

them certain they

d like to have Durant.


s certain they

re going after him,

a well

informed NBA source told me.

He has a lot of

options but it

s also certain he

s going to meet

with them.

Another team expected to compete for Durant is

San Antonio. The Spurs are an elite

organization, so well respected that anyone on

their list is likely to listen carefully to their bid.


s been speculated that Durant might decide to

stay in Oklahoma City another season. One year

from now superstar teammate Russell

Westbrook will be a free agent and they could

join a new team together.

But Durant leaving now is the most likely


The Warriors had eight free agents on their

roster this season and some will be leaving. But

imagine Durant being on the same team as Steph

Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

Free agency begins July 1.


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