Championship Elevates LeBron Among All-Time Greatest Players


Until someone gets 12 championships on his

resume I will continue to rank Bill Russell as the

most valuable player in NBA history.

He led the Boston Celtics to 11 championships

While playing against the very formidable Wilt


High on anyone

s list should be Michael Jordan

and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (six championships)

Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant (five) and let


not overlook Robert Horry (seven).

When the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the

Golden State Warriors in Game Seven Sunday

night LeBron James became a three-time

champion, including two in Miami previously.

He can

t pass the others yet who

ve won more

but he

s in the discussion now.

James loves Ohio. He began his NBA career in

Cleveland, left as a free agent to try for a

championship or two but it was well known

by myself and numerous other NBA

journalists that he intended to return.

Making his hometown team a champion was the

reason he came back.

That\s what this championship was all about,

he said last weekend.

As usual, key injuries had a lot to do with the

outcome in the finals.

This time Kyrie Erving and Kevin Love, who

missed last year

s finals due to injuries were

able to play. But Golden State

s Steph Curry

had knee and shoulder issues and Andrew

Bogut, who challenges opponents driving to

the rim, missed the last two games with a

knee injury.

In Bogut

s absence LeBron went to the basket

time after time with considerable success.

LeBron was motivated by some people in Miami

he doesn

t want to identify

They told me I was making the biggest mistake

of my NBA career when I left,

he said.

That gave me my greatest motivation.

When LeBron joined the Cavaliers they

welcomed a superstar but also needed a

more competitive roster. To their credit they

upgraded the roster significantly.

This time after the Warriors took a 3-1 series

lead but then LeBron, with a lot of help from

Erving, and Love, took command.

Criticized by some in the media for not taking

command earlier in the series, LeBron put

on championship performances in the final

three games, 41 points twice and a triple

double in Game Seven.

Great players recognize the moment when they

must go all out to win rather than trusting

teammates to do it.

At times during the last two seasons the

Warriors looked invinsible.

Not this time.

And, by the way, LeBron can opt out of his

contract now but announced this week he has no

intention of doing that.


m staying,

he said.


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