Hearing Loss Could Become Diabetes


You are going to England stop in Kent at the Leeds Castle and see the

museum with over 100 dog collars.

Hearing loss may be an early warning of diabetes. Multiple researc

h studies

have indicated people with diabetes are approximately twice as likely

to lose

their hearing as those without the disease. Any visit to an audiolo

gist that

results in a diagnosis of hearing loss should be followed up by a c

all to your

regular physician. Untreated hearing loss and dementia have been li


Hearing loss may be a complication of cardiovascular disea

se, per Senior

Voice America.

The Food and Drug Administration approved a new heart failure drug fr


Novartis that cardiologists say could potentially improve the liv

es of

millions of patients with the condition. The drug, Entresto, was s

tudied in a

clinical trial of more than 8,000 adults and reduced the rate of ca


death and hospitalization compared to Enalapril, a standard generic t


The CHINAWEEK US-China Business Summit was held in Los Angeles

May 7-14. For additional information visit chinaweek.la

The State Department realized a little on the late side that our United State


Army troops are being sent all over the world and that the troopers

passports are being filled up at a rapid pace. For example, as noted in


Army Times, as of December 18, 2015 we have soldiers in Afghanistan


Denmark, Iraq, Italy, Kuwait, Peru and South East Asia.

It must be stress.


cording to Department of Defense data, 275 soldiers,

sailors, airmen and Marines took their own lives in 2015, two more tha

n in

2014 and 22 more than in 2013. The Military Crisis Line is staffed 24


a day, seven days a week. Call (800) 273-8255 and press 1.

In 2016 women will be able to join the ranks of the Army

s infantry, armor

and special operations units. A decision by the Secretary of

Defense to open

nearly 220,000 jobs across the military to women will lift all gender-bas


restrictions, as long as they qualify and meet the standards.


t kid yourself, because when men can see how the ladies do, then


Departments all over our nation will make an effort to hire and


women. How many of us realize Culver City Fire Dept. has never

ever had

even one female in the fire house? I

m old enough to remember when police

departments didn

t hire anyone but men.

Cousin Neil says,

Now that women are eligible for all jobs in the military,

now is the time for them to register for the Selective Servic


The big guys, as noted in the weekly Navy `Times, don

t mess around. Oh

my, they fired the Captain of the guided missile submarine, Georgia,


hitting a buoy and then running aground. The commanding officer of the

Guam-based fast attack submarine, Oklahoma City, was fired for

deficiencies in his leadership and lack of proficiency in comma

nd. And,

finally, a one star admiral was fired from his job as commanding office


Pacific Fleet carrier strike group training command, following allegati

ons he

used his government computer to access pornography.

Archaeological digs are always looking for volunteers, and if yo

u would like

to participate in one or more of the 2016 digs visit Biblicalarcheol

ogy.org or

pick up Biblical Archeology Review January/February 2016 issue (s

ee page


The government sent 28,000 liters of bottled water to Flint, Michigan, where

the city

s water supply is contaminated by lead.

Mother Teresa is to be made a saint now that Pope Francis has appro

ved her

second miracle. The celebrated missionary who died in 1997 is expe

cted to

be canonized in September 2016.

On April 4


The Bridgegate trial featuring associates of New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie began. On April 21



s Queen Elizabeth

turned 90 and on April 23



s the 400


anniversary of William


s death.

If you are an old-timer like me, you remember November 1979 whe

n Iran

stormed the American Embassy in Tehran and held hostage 53 State

Department personnel for 444 days. Well, finally survivors or their es


will receive up to $10,000 per day or approximately $4.4 million. The

settlement was buried in a spending bill signed by President Obama.

Here is the latest from Admiral Moran, the Chief of Naval


regarding women sailors. The admiral will continue to open more

and more

careers to the ladies, including Seals. Those chosen for Seal

s will spend,

beginning in 2016, one year getting physically ready before starting the

training. The standards will not be lowered and will stay the same

On December 26, 2015 the United States Carrier Harry S. Truman, as


passed through the Strait of Hormuz, was fired upon by Iran

s forces using

rockets. U.S. Central Command called the action a

dangerous and an



Between June 2014 and April 2015 the Veterans Administration declared

115 live folks legally dead and ceased their benefits. To help correc

t the

problem the VA will send notices early so the


person will have

enough time to set the record straight.

Whatever happened to former Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald


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