Wende Museum Launches Collection and Exhibition Catalogs Online


The Wende Museum of the Cold War announces the launch of its

online public

access catalog with highlights from its collections, and online catalo

gs of recent


The online catalog [


] will

feature objects of particular historical and artistic significance f

rom the Museum's

collection of more than 100,000 unique artworks and artifacts.

Prominent among these will be original documents from the East Ge

rman border

guards at Checkpoint Charlie; a large collection of counter-cultural

Soviet poster

designs from the period of




; Soviet hippie materials; East

German hip-hop paraphernalia; Albanian artwork and historical witness

interviews; Hungarian artwork and photography; East German home movies; and

much more.

Featured image from The Wende Museum exhibition catalog "Fa

cial Recognition,"

exhibition presented 12/2015-03/2016, page from Merkmale des Äußeren von

Personen (People's Physical Characteristics), 1970, published b

y the Ministry of

State Security (Stasi), Hauptabteilung VI.

The Museum is also publishing online catalogs of its past and current


Already available are "Communism for Dinner: Commemorative Plates

," "Face to

Face: Portraits from the East Bloc," "Artistic Collaboratio

ns in the Soviet Union

and the GDR," and "Facial


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