Safety Urged During Fourth of July


The Culver City Police and Fire Departments would like to

wish you and your family a safe

and happy 4th of July.

With safety in mind, we would like to remind residents and visitors that the best way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with family and friends is by attending the professional firework show at West Los Angeles College. If you're planning on attending the show,

please use the event parking, which is located on the Camp

us of West LA College.

The sale and possession of all fireworks is illegal in Culver City, that includes the so called "safe and sane" fireworks.

All violators will be subject to fines and arrest if caught displaying or in possession of fireworks.

It is important that the public recognize the potential dangers in the use and handling of fireworks. The risk of injury, especially to children and young adults, is of great concern to us and we will be taking every violation


Please obey all laws related to fireworks and by celebrating t

his special holiday in a responsible way


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