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Rams Running Back Todd Gurley's Post-OTA Comments


Los Angeles Rams

RB Todd Gurley – Post-OTA – June 1, 2016

(On how it feels to be back out at practice)

"If feels good being back out here. Last year this time I wasn't. Starting off pretty good, trying to keep it rolling."

(On how much he thinks it helps him to be doing everything this time of the year compared to last year when he wasn't able to because of his injury)

"Most definitely helped me out a lot more than not being able to do anything last year and to just to get back on the field and do football stuff. Being able to get the plays back and just being out here with my teammates so that's always a good thing."

(On coming in weighing less this year and if that was done by design)

"I don't know what happened this offseason. I was just losing weight. It's probably just having the first offseason not doing anything for about a month or two. I feel fine how I am. I'm not going to add weight."

(On Head Coach Jeff Fisher's remarks that he's had an impressive offseason and what he thinks is the reason and what he's doing physically different this year)

"It was just my first real offseason so being able to take some time off and being able to rest and then just getting back to work and working hard to just try to make sure I have a great year this year. I'm eating right, and making sure I'm taking care of my body and doing all the right lifts."

(On if there was a renewed enthusiasm to finally return to football given the relocation)

"It was fine. Definitely went by fast. We're just excited to be back and playing football right now. This is what we do. This is our job. We love being out here, being around our teammates. We have a great group of guys. We love each other and we have fun while we're on the field and we compete."

(On his impressions of QB Jared Goff thus far)

"I like him. He's definitely a good quarterback. He's going to be doing big things. I'm excited to see what else he does during OTAs and camp."

(On what he likes that he's seen from Goff)

"Just his composure. Real chill, laid back type of guy. He can sling it. He has a quick release. I'm not a quarterback guru (laughs), but that's how I see it. He's got a quick release. A lot of improvement. That's why we're in OTAs right now, so we can get better."

(On if he feels like he needs to take more of a leadership role now that players like James Laurinaitis and Chris Long aren't on the team)

"I just kind of do my game. I feel like sometimes I can be a natural leader more in terms of being in the weight room, working hard. Guys see that and they feed off of that.

So, just basically doing what I'm doing not doing anything extra and making sure I'm holding myself accountable as well as my teammates."

(On how he sees Goff balancing the need to take ownership of the team vs. getting acclimated with the veterans as a rookie quarterback)

"It just depends what kind of guy you are. You know, Goff he's probably more of a laid-back kind of guy. Where my friend Jameis (Winston), he comes in and he's like, 'This is going to be my team.'

So, it just depends on what type of guy you are. You come in, work hard and eventually it's going to be his team. So, it's only a matter of time. No need to rush into it."

(On QB Nick Foles not being at OTAs)

"We would definitely love to have Nick out here, but he made a decision. I hope he gets back sometime soon. I gave him a text a couple of weeks ago just to check up on him. Hopefully, he'll be back, but I still love Nick."

(On if there's anything particular he wants to focus on this year)

"Definitely, routes and catching. I've got to get more catches this year, stay healthy and then run the ball. Get my line right and make sure we start off strong and finish strong. But most definitely I want to work on catching."

(On having Rob Boras as the offensive coordinator)

"I love Coach Boras. He's just so relaxed. He's like, 'Don't let me tell you where to run. You just do what you do.' He's definitely a good coach. He's got great concepts. Love the things he's doing.

Great communicator. He gets feedback of what I see on the field or what I actually like, so that's always good for a coach to do to be able to work with the players. So, I'm definitely excited to have him."

(On if he's been able to talk to some of the alumni players regarding the traditions and history of LA Rams football)

"I haven't talked too much of the older guys that have been on the LA Rams. I've hung around with 'E.D.' (Eric Dickerson) a couple of times, so I've been able to talk with him. It's been fun. We're definitely excited to be back. Happy to have you all here. We've got to get some wins for sure."

(On how good the Carl's Jr. Burger was)

"The burger was excellent. Go get the California Classic Burger from Carl's Jr. There's one right up the street, so I don't want to hear any excuses (laughs)."

(On Running Backs Coach Skip Peete)

"I love Coach Peete. He's a cool guy. He's definitely going to tell you if you're wrong or if you're right, but he's going to support you and he's going to make sure that he coaches you well. He does a great job of coaching us, so I love his style."

(On if he's enjoying the transition to LA with regards to being out in the community and his recent endorsements)

"Yes. Like I said, this is my first offseason and I'm in Cali. We just moved here. I'm excited, back at OTAs, back doing football and enjoying a new city. So, it's definitely been exciting for sure."


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