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Local Artists Decorate New Expo Stations


The new stations on Phase 2 of the Metro Expo Line feature, as do all the Expo Line stations, original, site-specific art murals by local artists.

Artists were commissioned to create the art works for the stations, working with specialized artisans to bring their ideas from other media into works made from durable materials. The 98 artworks are made from glass and ceramic mosaic and porcelain enamel steel, all of which resist graffiti and color fading.

The artworks, installed in steel frames, are installed at each station’s entry gateways and above seating areas. There are eight to 24 individual pieces of art at each station depending on the station’s configuration.

The artists include:

Shizu Saldomando (Palms) whose images are based on pencil drawings, woodcuts, and Japanese paper collages, and represent the people, places, and history of the Palms area.

Abel Alejandre (Westwood/Rancho Park) whose black and white, images represent the legs of train commuters.

Susan Logoreci (Expo/Sepulveda) whose work features a series of colored pencil drawings of aerial views “right above the right-of-way.”

Nzuji de Magalhaes (Expo/Bundy) whose paintings represent the neighborhood’s agricultural past and current urban vitality.

Constance Mallinson (26th Street/Bergamot Station) whose painted images represent the colors of the area.

Carmen Agote (17th Street/SMC) whose paintings depict the clothing of passengers crowded into the trains or sitting on benches waiting for trains.

Judith Hernandez (Downtown Santa Monica) whose paintings pay tribute to the many cultures of Los Angeles.

An installation by Walter Hood, “Santa Monica’s Tears,” based on the legend of Saint Monica, is in progress at Downtown Santa Monica Station.

For free docent art tours of the art of the Expo Line and other Metro lines, call 213.922.ART or visit


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