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Mayor Clarke Begins His Year


April 28, 2016

Mayor Jim Clarke

Sahli-Wells, Small and Eriksson Are Sworn In

By Stephen Hadland

Observer Publisher

Two new councilmembers, Thomas Small and Goran Eriksson were sworn in along with returning councilmember Mehaul O'Leary to a packed house in the Mike Balkman Council Chambers on Monday night.

The new council elected Jim Clarke as Mayor and Jeff Cooper as Vice Mayor. Mayor Clarke had Sacramento Superior Court Judge David Abbott serve as his installing offer. Abbott and Clarke attended the same high school and served on the student council together.

Outgoing Councilman Andy Weissman reflected on the accomplishments during his years in government stating that "tomorrow will be the first time in 32 years he didn't have a city council or commission meeting on his schedule.

Weissman said the council position comes with "tremendous honor and awesome responsibility." He noted that eight years ago he talked about "civility and respect" on the council especially when opinions differed. That he said was the thing he was most proud of.

O'Leary spent the day walking city hall thanking the employees for making "our lives easier by how you did your job so well."

Reelected councilmember Sahli-Wells called Culver City an "exceptional, active, caring, generous community."

Thomas Small spent his time thanking his supporters.

Goran Eriksson promised an "open door policy" for all residents.

Clarke set the stage for his year as Mayor. He spoke to the public saying, "let us know when we get things right and when we get things wrong." He called for looking for areas where the city can encourage public/private partnerships.

The Mayor most recently served as the Director of the Los Angeles Mayors Department of Grants. He was previously chief of staff for Congresswoman Diane Watson and Congressman Brad Sherman.

He brought attention to Culver City's Centennial celebration noting that the events will begin this September on the city's 99th anniversary and will continue for the year.


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