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Bakersfield Business Conference Is Coming Up


April 21, 2016

Can you believe somebody in an Orange County courthouse tampered with office records? With a little whiteout and an eraser, cases were bargained down by lawyers who never represented the “guilty.” The FBI is hot on the trail. Maybe with a lie detector machine, telephone records and bank account statements, they will find the bad guy. I’m joking about the way the Feds investigate, but it shouldn’t surprise anybody. I wouldn’t be surprised when the perpetrator is caught and brought before the judge. His honor will no doubt throw the book as well as the computer, typewriter and anything else within arm’s reach.

I just bet Steve Rose will lead a caravan on Saturday, October 8 to the Bakersfield Business Conference that will be held on the California State University Bakersfield campus from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Steve has done a remarkable job adding both members and influence to the Culver City Chamber of Commerce. There will be over 15 separate venues, a main tent, business tent, wine garden, sports tent, Olympic Pavilion, Farmers Market, Stars and Stripes Arcade, amusement rides, honky-tank, picnic area and stage and more.

Additionally, there will be over 40 nationally known speakers and entertainers, including Dr. Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Coulter, “Magic” Johnson, Cal Thomas, Antonio Villaraigosa, and James Carville. The event will conclude with an evening picnic, fireworks spectacular, and concert starring legend Chubby Checker. For those who never heard of Chubby Checker, he had monster record hits in 1961 as I was going through Army basic training at Fort Ord. Chubby was singing the Twist as the Berlin Wall crisis was going hot and heavy. For more information or ticket purchases call (661) 371-2204 or visit

I see Rick Rodriguez is running for the City Council in Downey. He is a candidate in District 3 (Northwest Downey) and should win walking away. More and more cities are voting by district per California law so why wait until we are served and the City Attorney hires an outside law firm to charge us big time and still lose?

In a study done by the Economist Magazine Intelligence Unit they have declared the world’s 10 most expensive cities to be:

(1) Singapore

(2) Zurich

(3) Hong Kong

(4) Geneva

(5) Paris

(6) London

(7) New York

(8) Copenhagen

(9) Seoul

(10)Los Angeles

In case you are wondering, here are the top 10 cities where the most billionaires live:

Cities Billionaires

Beijing, China 100

New York 95

Moscow 66

Hong Kong 64

Shanghai 50

London 50

Shenzhen, China 46

Mumbai, India 45

Hangzhou, China 32

Paris 30

Donald Trump can trace his roots to a small German village called Kallstadt. His family name was originally known as Drumpf and his paternal grandfather left Kallstadt for the United States in 1885 at age 16.

The future Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library is expected to open in late summer. The planned 25,000 square foot library will be the largest branch in the City of Long Beach library system. City officials are waiting for the construction workers to finish their work on the new facility before extending an invitation to the First Lady to attend a dedication ceremony.

California has the worst roads in the nation. The Road Information Program (TRIP), a national transportation research group, released a study almost a year ago. First on the list was San Francisco-Oakland with 74 percent of the roads in poor condition. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana was 73 percent. San Jose was fourth with 53 percent.

Former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka admitted on the witness stand on April 4 that he has a tattoo associated with a Los Angeles County deputy sheriff’s “gang” known as the Vikings that a federal judge has called a “neo-Nazi white supremacist group.”

Legislation currently weaving its way through the Florida statehouse would require 20 minutes of unstructured play, preferably outside. for elementary students.

If you have any business with the former president of the Jacksonville police union or the first vice president, good luck, because along with 57 people they were arrested for illegal gambling. Former President Cuba pleaded guilty to charges related to illegal slot machines and running a lottery, and was sentenced to one year of house arrest and four years’ probation.

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