Vote April 12 for Integrity and Open Government


It is five days away from Election Day in Culver City that will end one of the low points in Culver City election history. Name calling, fake letters to the editor, and secret websites are pouring misinformation to the electorate. The Culver City Chamber is being used as a reason for not supporting qualified candidates for public office.

Your Culver City Chamber is the community supporter of economic growth, the supporter of local charitable not-for-profits, and the organization that understands the needed housing stock, as well as a diverse transportation infrastructure to be created for our workforce of the 21st Century; the tech community, the creative community and All of Culver City, not just a few of the elite.

The Culver City Chamber, the only endorsing organization in Culver City that had a public forum for ALL candidates. We posted on our website to encourage everyone to vote for Integrity and Open Government by electing Goran Eriksson, Marcus Tiggs and Scott Wyant to Culver City Council on Tuesday.

• Goran Eriksson - Experienced in environmental issues, Chair of the City's Finance Advisory Committee.

• Marcus Tiggs - Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney who knows financial matters, former member of the Culver City Planning Commission

• Scott Wyant - Experienced in technology needs to grow our city, current member of the Culver City Planning Commission.

Our choices know our city, they all have lived continually in our city for over 20 years, and they are ready from Day One to serve all of Culver City, not just their neighborhood.

That's what I think...

Steven J. Rose, ACE


Culver City Chamber of Commerce


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