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Dear Editor,

The Essence of Eriksson’s Excellence


While the decision to run for City Council is an individual one Goran Eriksson made it very thoughtfully. It’s obvious, when looking at his long, ever growing list of supporters, that he has been encouraged in this pursuit by residents across the city, representing many varied interests and political perspectives.

Why Eriksson? What is that special attribute that he will bring to the dais which, above all others, signifies his ability to effectively represent all of Culver City? It’s consensus building.

Think about it. A Councilmember is just one vote among five. As Vice Chair of the Finance Advisory Committee I work with Chair Eriksson and a total ofnine committee members who make recommendations on the financial health of our city.

Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of watching Goran at work. He has helped this nascent committee coalesce into one that sets forth an ambition work program, and then delivers on it to the City Council. His committee members include many different stakeholders: residents, business owners, and representatives of city labor groups.

Goran’s consensus building skills are not the old school “smoking cigars while trading horses in the back room” variety. Goran knows internally that the best-laid plans are those that are reached through open and honest dialogue that is underlain with factual evidence.

If you want to see things get done in Culver City in the next four years vote for Eriksson.

Crystal Alexander

Former City Treasurer


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