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Dear editor



Dear editor,

Here are questions, concerns for City Council candidates.

In The Observer’s Jan. 21-27 edition the seven candidates for City Council seats were pictured. On Page 3 columnist Neil Rubenstein endorses Meghan, Marcus.

My husband and I are long time Culver City residents. Before I cast my votes in April I’d like to know how the candidates would answer my two concerns, as follows.

(1) Why aren’t residential buildings with three to six units provided with some type of recycling bin?

Many years ago we used to have blue plastic bags for recyclable materials. Now those materials must be hauled by the resident to public bins. More often than not the bins we’re supposed to use are full.

(2) Why is there no elevator from the top parking lot level to the ground floor of the shopping center located at Sepulveda Blvd. and Washington Place Place? Doesn’t the Americans With Disabilities Act mandate such an elevator?

If the City Council members don’t want to consider the legal requirements for members of the disabled community perhaps they should consider the inconvenience to parents with strollers.

Betty Rome

Culver City


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