A New Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer


March 24, 2016

A 2014 study in the Journal of Rheumatology found that among more than 14,500 adults those whose ring fingers were longer than their index fingers were at increased risk for severe knee osteoarthritis. This common trait may be linked to hormonal influences on the growth of gene, cartilage, and soft tissue, per Oprah Magazine.

It’s too late for the women in my family, but I see help is on the way. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Cleveland Clinic have created an exciting new partnership called the Center for Transformative Nanomedicine. Advances in nanomedicine by Dr. Blum and other outstanding Hebrew University researchers are revolutionizing the fight against cancer, the #1 killer of women in the Western world. Dr. Galia Blum is developing precision diagnostics to detect life-threatening atherosclerosis plagues at the molecular level.

Currently there is a museum under construction in our nation’s capital which opens in the fall of 2017. Three blocks from the capitol, it has 430,000 square feet, eight levels, and is dedicated to the Bible. By using technology, it will create an experience to span time, space, and cultures. See http://www.museumofthebible.org.

Speaking of museums, the Petersen Auto Museum just recently reopened. The new interior has 25 new galleries and 95,000 square feet of floor space. It is located at Wilshire and Fairfax and hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. See http://www.petersen.org.

The Los Angeles Police Department will collect and report more extensive data about cases in which officers use force, the police chief said on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. Adding the expanded information will help the public better analyze officers’ behavior. The new data will include the demographics of people on whom officers used force to arrest, the types of calls involving force, and comparisons with how many overall calls the department gets, as reported in L.A. Watts Times.

Per Good Housekeeping, scientists from Harvard reviewed the eating habits of about 500,000 men and women and they found those who spiced their meals with hot stuff like peppers lived longer, possibly because they were better able to fight cancer, respiratory disease, and heart disease. The result may stem from capsaicin, a compound found in hot peppers, which has been associated with reduced inflammation.

Digital journalists at Al-Jazeera America have asked management to recognize their Union-News Guild – CWA.

Jeers to giant American corporations who have $2.1 trillion in profits stashed offshore on which they have not paid a dime in U.S. taxes.

Cheers to President Obama for signing an executive order that gives 300,000 contracted federal employees the ability to earn up to seven days of paid sick leave annually.

From the United Auto Workers Region 5 Report, states with right-to-work laws spend, on average, 31.3 percent less per pupil on elementary and secondary education than other states.

Soon after I retired from the Boeing Company in 1960 Bess Drust and I did lunch at the Roll ‘n Rye. Over the next forty-five minutes I foolishly turned down her very generous offer to sponsor me to become a real estate broker for her company. Saying “no” was perhaps the dumbest decision I ever made, and I’ll tell you why: We have family members named Cohen so I would like to think Jordan Cohen is a distant cousin who just happened to have over $120,000,000 in closed sales in the Calabasas, West Hidden Hills area.

From the quotable Donald Trump: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

New York City is so desperate to find space for the homeless that it’s booking more than 1,100 hotel rooms a day as emergency shelter at an average cost of $4.830 a month. The city currently houses nearly 58,000 homeless.

And again from the Big Apple: New York will pay out more than $285,000 and clear the record of a cop who said he was repeatedly punished by NYPD brass for exposing arrest quotas. Craig Matthews will pocket $125,000 in damages, $30,000 in lost overtime. The New York Civil Liberties Union, which has represented Matthews since 2012, will collect $130,000. A spokesman for the city law department said settling “was in the city’s’ best interest.”

Women with breast cancer that has metastasized and who have higher than normal insulin levels have a significantly worse prognosis than women with normal insulin levels, according to a study presented in November 2015 at the Advanced Breast Cancer Third International Consensus Conference. The researchers who identified that the inefficient use of insulin is a factor linked to breast cancer outcomes analyzed data from 125 patients with metastatic breast cancer who did not have diabetes. Insulin is a growth factor that is critical to cancer development.

Amid the economic collapse of 2008 and 2009 the spike in people claiming unemployment benefits forced 35 states to borrow from the federal government to cover payouts from their state jobless funds. California’s debt is the highest at $6 billion. Thus far our state has covered $1.32 billion in interest payments out of its general fund. Employers in the Golden State have sent Washington more than $1.8 billion. They’ll be responsible for covering the rest of the money owed, projected to keep paying at least through 2018.

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